Reporters and Hollywood


The Image of the Journalist in Popular Culture analyzes the various images of news guys, and girls, as they appear in TV, radio, literature, cartoons, commercials and various whatnot. It is a project of the Norman Lear Center at USC Annenberg, and unlike us, they have the gumption to take this stuff seriously. A must see site.




Hardboiled   'Zines

HandheldCrime just keeps getting better and better. And get one of the handheld whaddycallems so you can read their stuff. Or read it on the Web. Click the pic.

A journal of crime writing. Their stories, like life, always include a gun. Very cool.


The Thrilling Detective Web Site: Much more than stories. Lotsa links, resources, cool covers and a very welcome intro into hardboiled comics.

Judas eZine: A comprehensive site with great stories, links to authors, links to other stuff, links, links, links. Major linkage. You can buy books there, too.

Hardboiled Resources



   Dedicated to the discovery of "future hardboiled classics."


Bleeker Books: A tribute to the old school of hardboiled writing.


Crippen and Landru: Buy lotsa books here. Hardboiled stuff and more.


The Smoking Gun: Maybe my most favorte site on the web. It ain't hardboiled, but they do great stuff with public documents. Check them out for the latest true sleaze.

Pulps and Comics


Supernatural Crime: Blonde justice is here, along with a few cold, dead fingers. Check it out and you'll see what we mean. Message boards, links, stories, stuff. We can't wait for clothes and hats and all that jazz.


Odd Jobs: Someday, all jobs will be odd jobs. In the meantime, check out this site of great comics.


Black Mask: If there is a pulp revival -- and there is -- look for Black Mask to help lead the way. This site is just getting started, but keep visiting.


Damnation Gambit: This site turns out comics at a machine-gun pace. All good. Falling cars. Talking dogs. Rain. Slick streets. A little bit o'blood.


Adventure House: G-8 lives on here. So does Operator #5. If you love the pulps, you can't afford to ignore Adventure House. Personally, we like the T-shirts.

Sci Fi-sh

The Federation Foil:
This is our sister 'zine from the 24th century. Hardboiled Trek, you might say. Go there for a piece of the action. Just don't ask Kirk to drive.

The Barsoomian Blade:
You like the pulps? Then you must go for Edgar Rice Burroughs. The Blade has been banned by the Jeddak of Helium -- like it matters. Woola still fetches it every day. Oh yeah. There's some Tarzan stuff here, too.

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