"Newspaper reporters are like dicks. Private dicks. Yeah, I know everyone loves the priviate investigator. But I look at it this way: The newspaperman is a PI who can spell."

Charles Aesop Farnsworth, editor, River City Blade.


"Ice Man Meltaway"

It is August. Very hot. There is a concert in the Canal District. Studious college kids are in summer session. Oh yeah, and this stalker . . .

As seen here for the first time.

 "Black Book, White Deaths"

 Harriett walks into the newsroom with a gun. It goes downhill from there . . .

As seen in "Handheld Crime."

 "False Front"

 Someone is killing homeless people, and reporter Alamo Barnes goes undercover as a bum. That's not a stretch, but then he meets two guys . . .

As seen in "Blue Murder."



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