The Silver Unicorn

You are walking down a small shaded path. The day is actually fairly hot, but here under the trees you don't feel it as much. It's a peaceful day. There's a sudden breeze at your back, small, but full of a strange, wild scent. A white blur comes from behind and passes you on your right side. You don't even have time to wonder what it was, when a second shape flies by on your left side. It too is just a blur of motion, but midstride the creature turns its head to look at you. Eternally deep eyes meet yours, and in your mind the moment stands still. You register everything--the delicately shaped form, the intelligent face, the stray shaft of sunlight that picks out silver highlights in her fine white coat, and the single long white horn rising from her forehead.

Two Unicorns

Suddenly the questions you've always possed seem ridiculous, and every doubt explodes inot surety, for you are seeing a unicorn. And she's gone. "Wait!" you cry out, and your only thought is that you must follow the unicorns. Every fiber of your body is intent upon it, and you find that you are already running after them.

Follow the unicorns!

Off to one side there is a dark, gloomy, thoroughly repulsive little path mark with a sign reading " Cheater's Lane."

Silvanon Art

The Orchard Messagepost, or, if it's not working, The Orchard Messagepost Backup Board.

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