The Amulet.
"You got an invatation?" "invatation?" "an invatation to the slumber party!" "what slumber party?" Natalie McSwed looked at the chief enganier as if she'd grown two heads."The Deleany sisters have been spreading the word for two days!!!Judie Gray has a slumber party planned on thursday.Everyone female is invited!!Rummer has it even the captin wil be there." "The Deleany sisters spread more than info and...I haven't gotten an invtation!!" "Whens the last time you've checked your electric messenger?" "uhh...well..." "you work to hard"Natalie exclaimed as she went back to her work.

"So are you going?" "me?!No." "why not?You said yourself you wanted to 'mingle' with the crew more." "Yes but-" "but?" "But!I'm the captin,I'd make them all fell akward.And slumber parties are supposed to be easy-going,not akward and strained." "They won't feel strained" "Trust me,yes they will." "why?" " see at a slumber party..." she thought for a moment then continued "at a slumber party girls tend to become...uninhibeted" "are you saying at slumber parties get wasted and have orgies?!Can I go!!" "I'm not talking to you anymore." the captin said as she walked away from her first officer,trying to hide the slight smile on her face.He caught up with her at the 'gallery' formally the captins private dinning room,haveing been transformed into a showplace of the captins work and collectables from her 'angry warrior' painting to her crystal collection, to her aunt Aggioes blue-orange neptolmink vase.Soon other crew members were 'submitting' thier own artwork to the gallery.Chakotay picked up the neptolmink vase "This thing is an eye sore." 'Yes but it's a hierloom,...and worth a mint" "to whom the Norsas?" she laughed,Norsas were color blind."so...what is the theme of the next excabition?" "eye-designs, jewlery, and superstitions." "You love challengeing them don't you?Well I have a few things you can use." "Thanks.I've been meaning to ask Seven to help" "hmmm...It may be good for her, would a slumber party." "no" "it would give her a chance to mingle-" "I am not escorting her." "It-" "NO!"

"SO...what are you submitting?" "Hovan" "Hov-what?" Tom asked his wife B'ellana."Hovan...the kingon god of war...prehistory god of war acctually.An eye like that of a snake represents him, and those who worshipped him wore the pendant covered except to point it at thier enemys,so when the battle came Hovan knew who to kill." "wow...can I barrow-" "no"

"I don't see the relevence in creating a illusion that causes aggitation and fear" "Seven, it's not to cause aggitation and fear.It's to show aggitation and fear,then laugh at it" "laugh?Why would one laugh at what they fear?" Harry took a deep breath, 'this is harder than I thought it would be' they laugh so they don't cry, and can here their fears." "I have seen crew members carying amulets and other adornments to word off 'evil'.They are not laughing at them." " Thats because they don't have a physical repersentation of that here to laugh at." was the response. "This is a odd practice" "Not realy...don't you fear something?" All she did was stare at him. "Shurly you do...and you do something so you are not afraid." she said. "If i did this, I would no longer fear it?" "No. I mean... you might still fear it but you'd have faced it. After that you can deal with it" "And how would one 'deal with it'?" she asked. "There is no set way" "I will try this...odd practice" she said. " Excellent." "Did you hear?" "Hear what?" B'elana asked Tom. "Seuen's gonna help with the gallery production" he said. "Oh god" B'elana mumbeled. "So what will the captin be submitting?" Chakotay asked the captain as she placed a elegant tapastry dipicting a world within a an eye. on the wall, over Chakotay's pottery pieces. "Havn't decided yet" she responded." The show starts in three days" he replied. "I know that," said the captian,"But i hardly have a free moment anymore. I'm half ready to let someone else run the gallery." they both knew that she njoyed the work to much to give it up. Also, it was the only way she could mingle with the crew so Chakotay was relaxed. "Isn't seuen helping you?" he asked. "Yes, but she is also working on her own submission so i told her to concentrate on her project." "Oh. Well I guess I'll have to wait to see your next masterpeace...unless you'll give me a preview...?" "I won't" she said in her 'captain's voice', but she smiled at her crestfallen first officer. She then picked up the amulet he had placed along his other works. "This is lovley" she gasped. " Its for you" he replied. "No I couldn't--" "You can and you will, or my tribal gods will be insulted." "Huh? realy?" she asked him. "No. I just wante you to accept it." "Hows the project comeing?" "The project is ...difficult, yet...enjoyable." Seven said to Harry as she covered the paintng she'd been working on. "May I peak?" he asked. "Peak what?" seven asked in return. "The paintng." Harry said. " I would prefer that it be 'peaked' after it is done." "O.k," Harry said. "Artist perogative." he said in between chuckles. Janeway stared at the ammulet in her bath, she had stared at it all day. She held it in one bubble covered hand and trailed a stream of the bubbles across the surface a she ran a finger over it. "Its so beautiful" she wispered. The candles around the tub sent light to the quartz-blue stones to reflect a prism. She'd yet to put on the amulet. " time like the present." She sliped the leather chain around her neck. "It must have taken him forever to construct this" she wispered. "Well, one year twelve weeks actualy." Chakotay's replied. Janeway shoot up and looked around. No one else was there. "Computer," she asked." Who is in the captain's quarters?" "Captain Janeway is the only one present." came the reply. "Where is comander Chakotay?" "Comander Chakotay is in his quarters." responded the computer." Is he awake?" the captian asked. "Negative" came the automatic voice.Satisfied Kathryn relaxed in the tub,her stereo started to play an ancient 20th centery song called 'it's just my immagination.'She laughed "Uhhhh...yesss.Just my immagination" she whispered,exhailing threw her noise,and mouth simotaniously; while sinking into the bathtub more deeply.She sipped a grey-crystal-brouitnene-brandy from a jet black flut glass.and hummed along to the melody of the song...then the tingling started."Uhmmm" she purred,then groaned when the tingling went all over her body and intensified.Her breathing grew ragged,and her head was thrown back, she gripped the rim of the tub fiercely.Suddenly she felt a pressure on her knees,like hands pushing them apart.She looked around the room then scolded herself,ofcourse she was alone;the tingling intensefied.She could still feel the pressure on her knees, 'oh...what the hell' she thought and opened them,"uhmmm...I have to get more of this brandy." she whispered.The music changed,and a series of melodys played,somewhere in the back of her brain did she remeber it was a compact disk she had perchased from 20th century earth,a group called Mono? she thought."Uhh" she groaned in shock and nearly choked on the sudden intake of air.The rubbing sensation started,she reached bown to grasp the hand,yet all she found was water and bubbles and her own flesh.She arched back and put her hands once again on the rim of the tub,yet she kept her eyes opened;the throbbing continued,and she could not help but to cloes her eyes.Then at the next sensation she screamed,that sensation was unmistakeable...deep penetration!!!No one was in the room with her,but that feeling was unmistakeable,the next thrust had her head thrown back.She could feel the pressure of a body on hers yet no one was there.The thrusting steagnthened and increased in speed,while she threw her head from side to side.She could feel the imprint of two objects on her chest,on was on her breast and sending heat waves threw her,she gripped it in a death grip yet she was the one that exploaded into thousands of peacies."No Kate it's not just your immaginnation"Chajkotay's voice whispered just before she lost conciouness.

When she awoke her bath water had chilled,and her fingers looked like pruns.After pulling the drain and drying off,she exstingished the candles and walked into her bedroom...and passed out on the bed.

She awoke only hours later by the feel of warm hands on her back,slowly soothing her muscle into jelly."Lights out" she groaned,the dimmed lights went out completly 'if he wanted to work in secret so could she!' she thought the hands carressed her legs " again huh?" she asked with a giggle as she turned and embrassed air,"'s you agian." The hands moved to massauge her breast."This has got to be a dream." she purred,"no dream" Chakotays' voice responded."But-" before she could finish she was turned onto her stomach.When she sat up hurridly moonlight shinned threw the window,when it flew threw the pendent the room filled with a sheer,blue moonlight.She looked into the windows reflective surface...and saw Chakotay kissing her neck,he looked like a phantom.He lowered her back down onto the bed,again on her stomach and touched her everywere;soon Kathryn thought she'd go insaine!Within minutes she'd exploaded around his fingers.Before she could recover he pushed into her to the hilt,and she exploaded once again and again and again,and all the while he kept thrusting into her."Stop please"she begged when she had no stregnth left "Tell me" he demanded,stregnthening his thrust "tell me!" he demanded once again and she knew."I love you" "and" "i need you" "and!" "i am your mate" "Yesss.And I am yours".With those words they both exploaded.

"We need to talk" Chakotay said to her as she rushed down the corridors."Capt-Kate" that stopped her,it had been 2 days since 'that night'."O.k we'll talk.What?!" "here?!Will you meet me somewere?your guaters-" "no!!we'll meet in the basement,...after shifts end."

The hours passed like days for him,and like seconds to her."I fell like I'm sneaking out of the house." he muttered to himself. "Turn off that dam flashlight!!" her voice whipped him back into reality."So?" "So?" she repeated,"what now" she asked "do you want me" he asked "yes...I smell alcohol-are you drunk!!" she screethed."No I'm not.I did however need a glass of whiskey to get my nerve up" "you mean a shot of whiskey" "no I mean a glass." he chuckeled,then stopped and continued "I have a bottle waiting for me back in my quaters,...incase you reject me." he said softly."The amulet?" "givin to a mate to form a bond over any distance...miles or mind." "I'd say it works" "will you wear it?" "I haven't taken it off."

The gallery showing went off sensationally.'Hovan' won second place,and 5 ration chips...13 more were offered if his ownwer would flush him out a torpedoe tube.The winner was 'silent'. A painting of a women with child-like eyes scrunched up in a corner,around her poeple stood with thier backs to her,infront of her lay a shattered cube.The peace had been entered by Seven of Nine.