This story was made in reply to a jetc challenge: 'Write a story were j/c are obviously a couple;yet j/c don't appear in the story itself.

Seven walked threw the corradors of the ship.Others passed her,shocked to see her...preoccupied.'Borg do not put individuals infront of the whole...the collective';yet she had seen lutinets Parris and Torres spend time in the hollodeck instead of continously working to better the ship. The captin seemed to understand this this,understand that the ship and crew must come first before the individual.Yet latly the captin seemed diffrent...preoccupied.Eventhough her work had not suffered,it was obvious that she'd rather spend her off hours elsewere,than bettering her ship and her crew.'She no longer came to assist me in the science labs as frequently anymore.Nor was she always there when I needed an explanation.They think I am niave.But the borg understand mateing behavior of over one million species.The borg can even tell weather or not a macth will be succesful.Yet all this is a waste to contemplate ,because it only complecates. At least she finally understands,she may not fully comprehen but she understands;she and the commander.I've seen them talking,agreeing disagreeing.I've seen the way they change when the other walksinto the room;like a new energy source has flowed threw the cells.They now understand 'the link'. Thier minds and beings, are obviously joined by some way or another.They now understand the driving need for the link,the perfection,the joy,the...ecstacy,the need for the link.Like my link to the collective,thiers is strong.Yet they have always been mere humans,never attaining the perfection of having been borg.And unlike me the breaking of thier link...thier bond may very well destroy them.'


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