Mates 14

Her cacoon was made. She was tired, it had taken awhile but she had managed to form the outer shell. It was going to take an hour or so before she was ready to enter the shell and enclose herself.

He had to reach her soon. He knew by now an Away-Team was on the planet and he could smell the soilders of this world cloesing into what they thought was his position. Dam, it was hardley nine hours since she'd knocked him cold; but it felt like an eternity. He had to reach her soon.

The female had to be tiring. That meant she had to find a suitible place to cacoon herself...if she didn't already have one. It was unlikly given the time she'd had; but it was a possibility. Either way, she would be found. She had to be found! Too much was at stake.

"Sir, we've managed to track her seems Commander Chakotay, is still ahead of us. And he seems to be erasing her trial." Tuvok took a deep breath, "Keep after them." Tuvok, sat back and contemplated all he had heard and seen so far. They were already playing cat and mouse and they were running out of time. According to the doctor and thier guest, by now the captain will ither be cacooning herself or already cacooned. They were quickly running out of time before caommander chakotay found her...or worse, the 'scientist' and people of this planet.

He had her scent.

Finally, they had her trail.

Excellent, they'd have the captain and commander back in no time.

'Almost done' she thought to herself as she begain the final preperations. No had found her hidding place and her generals would be there soon to make sure no one did.

They were moving at breakneck speed, Seven of Nine and B'lanna. There senses were hightend, thier physical streagth increased ten fold. They would protect her, and when she emerged she would allow them to seek their own mates, B'lanna had one already and she'd have to find a way to get him on the surface. But for now, they had a job to do. They knew were she was, and they knew how to protect her. B'lanna, made a growl deep in her throught and then barked three times in rapid succession. Seven understood. As they neared a waterfall, they ubruptly changed their running pattern from side-to-side, to a "v" as they ran 'interferance'. Leaving false trail and destroying the 'markers' of both the native people searching for the captain, and the away team. It was actually, kinda fun.

She was so dam hot! Her body temparture was rising so high, that she had to stay under water for long periods of time incase they were using thurmal trackers. Her body heat would keep the cacoon warn as she hibernated, but right now it was driving her crazy. Her libido was still going over time though, Chakotay's scent was still on her, no matter how hard she tried to scrub it off, it still lingered and it was making her very hot in a completly diffrent way! Less than half an hour remained...soon she would be safe. She knew Chakotay would find her, but it would be to late, and when she emerged, she knew he would be waiting, but she would be 'fully grown' and able to avoid him. But she knew that a few years from now, she would caccon again, and he would be waiting for her. She'd deal with that when it happened.

He knew Kathryn almost better than she knew herself, he also knew B'lanna, and now, after seeing her and Seven, making false trails, he had a pretty good idea where she was. If he could just get her scent-'What the hell?!'

The soldiers moved into the area, almost at the exact same time as the away team. Next the clearing errupted in fire as each side took cover and returned fire. They were to dam cloes! If they hit something accedentally they could kill her, not to mention each other. His back shoot stright, he had her scent! The phasier fire must have alarmed her, but she wouldn't leave herself vunerable like this if she was cloes to her caccoon. Chakotay thanked mother nature, for putting her upwind. He could track her, without her knowing. Let the two sides duke it out, he was going to claim his mate.

Kathryn assured herself she wasn't being fallowed, and she was thankful that the phsaier fight was away from her nesting sight. She was however concerned about the away team, but she knew Seven and B'lanna would take care of it. The soilders didn't have a prayer in hell. And she smiled, unaware that she was being fallowed.

Chakotay smiled to himself as he heard the screams of the soilders as Seven and B'lanna delt with them. Now they were occupied and he would deal with Kathryn. He crept up the sleep rocks as gasped. A hudge water fall that fell between two very cloes flat surfaced mountains and flowing with plants and fruits. Obviously this place hasn't been discovered by the poeple of this world or else they probly would have destroyed it's bueaty by putting up mansions for the rich. But here it was, and it truly was the perfect place for her to nest. He assumed that there was a cave under the falls, and that was were she was.

The second full moon joined the first and she smiled. It was time, slowly she streathed, and carfully climed into the cacoon, before sealing the opening. But it would not truly be sealed until it completly hardened.

Chakotay, heard them before he saw them. They actually thought they could have his mate! They would die if they got near the hidden waterfall. Just them he heard them, the away team and another group of soilders comming. They were both running blind, it going to be difficult. The third moon was rising, and when it did, her cacoon would be sealed! A male jumped from a hidding plase, and ran twords the entrence of Kathryn's mountian top vally. Chakotay bolted after him, the male making a wild run to try and track her, but Chakotay had covered her with his scent. The other maled could only detect him, but they were trying. With one swipe Chakotay, carved open the males face with his claws. It screamed and ran back, only for three others to appear, and attack at once. They weren't of is species, they weren't near as aggressive as him,and they were dumb. They hoped to dispacth him, then challenge each other for Kathryn,or had the idiots beleaved the younger male, who slowly stalking around Chakotay, while the others fought. Did he tell them they would share her? Virda, according to the woman who was onboard have almost termanlly high sex drives when they go into heat. He smiled at that. The young coward would not get far, Seven and B'lanna jumped on him and tore him nearly apart. He lay gasping and bleeding on the ground, white blood flowwing from his open wounds, next they headed for him. They were going to get rid of all the males, including him. They tore into the males, it looked like a mosh pit, as the males screamed and Chakotay waited for the right moment. When it came he struck them both hardat the temples, they fell to the gound and stayed there. He could hear the away team about 110 yards from him, he dragged the maleds into a pile, and set Seven and B'lanna near the falls so the away team could easily see them, and relay their quardenates to the ship for transport. They'd have bad headachs when they awoke but that was what asprin was for. He hadn't wanted to hit them, but they would have torn him apart. Now it was time, the blue moon was almost at it's peak.


Thunder exploded around him as the soilders and the away team came into the cleareing. They soilders were shooting at the away team, the away team was shooting back, but also trying to stun him and locate the captain. A wild paser beam hit him in the back of his neck, and he went down had. They all was black.

When he awoke it was to the sound of phasier fire, he couldn't have been out for long, well correction, he had been out long enough for the away team to tie him up. No one paid him any mind, thinking him secure. He smiled, he had been a Maqui captain, expertly he extracted himself from the 'unescapable' knots they thought them at the Academy. Slowly he crawled through rocks to the opening to the cave, that the away team or soilders hadn't found it yet atested to it ideal location. He cold smell her. He slowly stalked into the cave, trying to avoid the traps set by her and her generals. It was difficult, but with all the rucus, they hadn't had time to finish. He could see her. The cacoon was still somewhat transparent, which meant it wasn't completly sealed. He could see her sleeping. Slowly he carfully parted the 'viel' and stepped into the caccoon. It wasn't very large for two people, for one it was spacious. He felt the caccoon tighten around him, as the shell became soild, no longer transparent. Their caccoon was sealed.

Kathryn was high.She knew it was the caccoon and her own pheramones, but it was, for lack of a better word...intense. But something was wrong. Thats why she awaked, OH SHIT!!! HE WAS INSIDE HER CACOON!!! Kathryn tried to struggle, but the cacoon hadn't been made for two, and she was flush against him in some areas. Some sensitive areas! When the cacoon cloesed it let off a chemical that would knock out it's inhabitants. That's why she didn't know he was there. Chakotay himself was asleep, but his hand were VERY active! She could feel his hands roaming up and down her back, her ass, her thighs and back up to her breast. Well the sided of her breast, everything else was crushed up to his cheast. She had to make the chemical stronger, before he could awaken. He had to remain sleeping, if he awaked, he wouldn't need to douse her with his pharamones, she'd give into him willingly. And she somewhat resented that fact, but another fact was, she was in heat and she wanted him, BADLY! But he had to remain asleep, she started concentrating on heating the caccoon more, which would release more of the 'sleeping' chemical. It was hard, both concentrating and Chakotay. But they were at an angle so he couldn't enter her without shifting into a new position, but he'd have to be awake to do so. He had to stay asleep. Just they Chakotays hand went farther than her thighs, down the crease of her backside, and into the area she was trying to keep him out of. She barly concentrate as his fingers played with he. Her nipples almost burned from being fully extented but pressed against his chest; which he moved, dillibetly rubbing her. She couldn't concentrate, she was so hot- just the she had epiphany. His touch was making her hot. She needed to raise the tempature in the caccoon, in order for both of them to sleep, and since he'd have to awaken to move into a position were he could enter her, she could enjoy his touch and touch him in return. The hotter they got, the more sleeping tonic produced.

Kathryn rocked back and forward on his fingers, and moaned, he grunted as she used her right had to pump his penis, and used the left had to grip his ass, or go further and massauge his balls. He let out a bellow as he came, about 10 seconds after her screaming orgasim. Then for some reason, he slept. But he didn't let go of her. They slept in each others arms, oblivious to the fight going on above them.