Truth or Dare

All charectors belong to Pramount, unless I invented them i this story.


"My first love?...My first love was my dad." Susan Hollow said, then spoke over the 'ewwwws' and 'gross's' . "My dad was perfect, he was the handsomest, smartest, kindest man I'd ever known." "Your speaking in past tense Susan." "My father died when I was 13." "Oh, a little girl-" "still hung up over daddy" Susan finished for Tom. Everone chuckeled. "What about you Harry?" "Me?" "Yes you! Who was your first love?" Harry thought for a moment then replied, "My first love was Cindy Maverik" "Who was she?" "My first grade teacher." Harry laughed along with the others at the table. "First grade? I'm shocked at you harry" "Why?" "Well-" "Don't finish that Tom!" "Oh 'Bea-" "No Tom." "didn't we have this conversation last night?" "Keep it up and we'll have it again tonight." 'ohhsss' circulated threwout the group for a moment then Harry asked "How about you Tom? Who was your first love?" Everyone quieted and waited in humor and anticipation, while B'ellana looked at Tom with a questioning look and with her hands on her hips; Tom didn't notice sense he was staring daggers at Haryy who seemed greatly amused. "I choose to stay silent" Tom's, words caused an echo of 'Boos' to circulate threw the room. "okay then you have to answer another question." Tom sighed in relief, wich was short lived. "What was the first thing that attracted you to B'ellana?" Tom slowly looked from face to face around the room until his eyes rested apon B'ellan's and he then quickly averted his eyes. "Well?" B'ellana said, "what was the first thing about me that attracted" B'ellana asked 'sweetly'. Tom, stammered abit, and noticing the trouble he'd gotten his friend in Harry tried to intervien, "Uh maybe another question would be better-" "Shut up Harry!" B'ellana barked, never taking her eyes from Toms'. "Well Tommy," and slowly she advanced on him, only when his back hit the wall did he relise that she had cornered him as well, and the hurrid sound of his 'friends' rushing out of the room didn't help matters.

"Did you hear about Tom?" "Yeah, hes in Sick-Bay! What happened?" "I don't know all the 'witnesses' would say was 'B'ellan didn't like his answer'".

"They were playing 'Truth or Dare'." "Trth or dare?" Chakotay repeated confused. "Truth or dare. It's an ancient earth game. Someone ask you a 'yes or no' question, you eigther answer it or you accept a dare.However sometimes you can ask for a second question and you have no choice but to answer it." "oh.Any question?" "any question" "really?" "really" "I can ask any question? any at all" "any at all" "Ok, truth or dare?" Chakotay said with a smile, "You can't be serious!" "Sure I am, you said I could ask any question, so whats it to be 'Truth or Dare'?" "I am not playing this game, it only leads to anger and aggression." "As a captain, I don't know about you but I had my share of 'anger and aggression'" Chakotay said with 'that' gleam in his eyes. Janeway stopped infront of her quaters and turned to face her first officer, "Goodnight Chakotay." Janeway waled into her quaters.

Kathryn was lounging in a tub of vanilla sented floresent blue water and bubbles, there were many questions about Chakotay she whanted to know.Her comm bage chimed and irretabley she reached for it "what Chakotay?!" "Howed you know it was me?" "Because Tuvoks not insaine enough to call me on this line unless were under attack!" "Well there are some things I whanted to inform you of-" "like?" Kathryn interupted him harshly "like Toms out of intensive care, B'ellan's like a mother hen to him, I put Alworth at comm, B'e''ana finished the survey on 'Alternative power sources'-" "this could have waited untill tommarrow." Kathryn said on a sigh "well you said you whanted to know as soon as-" "I know what I said. Now is that all?" "well...yes. Uhmm, bye-" "hold on a minute, were are you?" there was a long pause "satring at the balkhead over my bed" he said honestly. She said softy "Computor reduce light to 12%, and play 'Rythemic Melodies'". Then computor instantly obeyed. "You know," Chakotay said on a 'cough' "Rythemic passions is considered one of the most erotic peiceses of music created." "Really Chakotay? And to think all this time I just liked the sound of it." " too." he gave a forced laugh "Put on 'rythemic passions'" she ordered softly, after three seconds the music played in his room also. "Chakotay?" she said in a husky voice, "yes?" his voice was almost a sqeak "Truth or Dare".


Opium Garden.