There is a tradition on Vulcan; hmmm, there are many traditions on Vulcan.Granted some are needlessly symbolic, and most are said to be of more importance than this one...'Comret'. Yet this is not true.The 'Comret' is a joining of famliy, when relatives unite in one area and exchange news and information. During this celebration, mates are choosen, children are brought forward to decide thier place in this life, famliy dissputs are solved, and newcommers are formally introduced,etc...It is a highly anticipated event on Vulcan wicth only occurs every 4 years.


It will start when the eldest male member of the famliy reads the 'Yanik', a long poem wicth addresses the occurrences that have taken place in the last four years.All present will then meditate to refresh thier bodies of contaminate emotions.Then all rest, from fatigue.

Apon awakening all go to the gardens,witch consist of several areas: The eldest of the famliy (150-200+)congragate to the 'Sodun' gardens. The 3rd younger (90-149) congragate to the 'Monra' garden, the 2nd younger (50-89)join in the 'Loyna' garden,and the 1st youngest(7-49) will congragate to the 'Para' garden.These are only the male members,for the women and children under 7 will go into the 'Culo' garden.

All in thier respective place will meditate once more.After this is done the 'Comret' begins in earnest.


To end the 'Comret', the oldest female member with the assistance of the eldest from each generation will preform the 'Pona', the tea ceremoy.Once all have drank 'popiet tea' and have eaten of the sweet cakes and other treats,the celebration is over.Eventhough the celebration last 2 weeks (earth time) for the Vulcans it always ends to soon.


T.W.S. Part 2, The Book.


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