She's so sweet with her little bow

Cortnee the Corgi

Cortnee gets her Name

There was a small lady who lived with her husband, in a small house. The house seemed empty because there was no puppy to fill it with smiles. The lady's husband saw that his lovely wife needed a puppy to love so he said to the lady that she must go and find a puppy to love.

The lady looked through many books to find a type of puppy that would make their house full. She read about small, small puppies called Chihuahua's that could fit in a tea cup. She read about puppies that had no hair at all, some that had long, long hair and some puppies that had thick, medium-length fur. She read about puppies that don't bark and others that bark a lot. There were big puppies that would protect the house, some that herded sheep or cows and others that were designed to hunt lions. There were puppies that were pets for the kings of Egypt, some that pulled the wagons in the Pyrenees Mountains and there were even others puppies that found people lost in the snow.

The lady searched and searched for a special puppy she could love. She finally found a little puppy called a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. This type of puppy had very short legs and very big ears. The Corgi's thick fur keeps it warm in the winter on the Welsh Islands where the Corgi was bred to herd cows. Corgi's have long, sharp muzzles and bright, intelligent eyes.

The lady read the newspapers to find who might have Corgi puppies. She asked the local animal doctors if they knew where she might find a Corgi puppy. She asked her hair-dresser if she knew of any Corgi puppies anywhere. Finally, she found an ad in a big-city newspaper that offered Corgi puppies. She called the number in the paper. The person who answered was a lady too. The lady asked the puppy-lady if she had any girl puppies. The puppy-lady said yes, that there were two left and that she was bringing all the puppies to a town nearby so everyone who had called could see the puppies. The lady was excited! She thanked the puppy-lady and told her husband about her talk on the phone with the puppy-lady.

The lady looked at the calendar. It would be seven days before she could see the puppies. She prayed each night that she would find the perfect puppy. It was so hard to wait but she knew that sometimes one has to wait for the best things.

The lady had a close friend named Mary. The lady wanted to share this special day with someone special and since her husband had to work that day she called Mary and asked if she would go with her to see the puppies. Mary was excited for the lady. She knew the lady wanted a puppy very badly. She would help the lady find the perfect puppy.

Together, the lady and Mary drove to where the puppies were being shown. They were excited to see the Corgi puppies. There were five puppies in the back of the van with their mommy Corgi. There were three boy puppies and two girl puppies. The lady only wanted a girl puppy. She looked at the two puppies. The puppies weren't exactly the color she thought she was looking for, but one of the girl puppies was so very sweet. She had big brown eyes with thick black eyelashes that called out to the lady. "I'm the one!"

The puppy looked at all the people who had come to see her and her brothers and sister. They all looked the same to her. They were all big and wanted to flip her over onto her back to see what she would look like when she got older and her ears stood up (which is what most people do who want to see what a Corgi puppy will look like when it is adult), except the one small lady who picked her up and held her closely and securely. "I choose you. I choose you to be my pet!" The puppy thought as she looked into eyes as brown as hers.

This is the puppy! The lady decided. It was the perfect puppy. She held the puppy close to her and whispered in her ear. "Do you want to come home with me and be my special puppy?"

The puppy did. The puppy knew instantly that this would be a good pet. The family that she lived with had many little children that would pick her up and drop her. Surely this pet would never do that, she hoped!

When Mary, the lady and the puppy got into the car, the puppy was suddenly frightened. It was in a strange place with strangers. The puppy liked the lady but she didn't really know her. The puppy began to cry.

"Now, now. Don't be crying," the lady comforted. "Your name is Cortnee, and you're my puppy now. You're going to your new home to live with me and Thedaddy. You will be happy there and I promise, we will love you very much." She patted Cortnee the Corgi puppy's head. "Now, you sit on Aunt Mary's lap and enjoy the ride."

"Yes, Cortnee, sit right here and Themommy will drive us home." Aunt Mary said.

Cortnee is no longer just puppy, she has a name. She also has a new pet named Themommy and she is going to a new home where she will meet Thedaddy. This is still a little frightening but exciting also. She is beginning an adventure. She is a Corgi named Cortnee. She now lives in a small house, on the small street, in the small town, but that is fine with her, for she is a small dog.


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