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First, check out this site for all your collectible card-buying needs!:

In lieu of a real life, I indulge in playing and collecting several collectible card games. The following indicate some of my interests, and sites where you can find more info on them:

The Highlander Handbook Addendum

After many delays due to a number of reasons, the Official Handbook Addendum is now available for downloading. This document tries to answer the outstanding questions that have been sent to me, the Highlander "Net Rep" over the last two years. TCG has declined to respond to inquiries about making this Handbook Addendum "official," but the material herein has been contributed to by a number of the leading lights among Highlander players and judges.

To get a PDF copy of the Handbook Addendum, click HERE. Feel free to link to it from your web site if you have one. Or you can click HERE to see a HTML version.

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I've taken this and kinda put it off in a separate section. Why? Well, eventually, I'm going to get around to reformatting this whole page, so that it has your basic links to Highlander, Babylon 5, Doomtown, Jyhad, and Miscellaneous here. Then you can go to a unique Highlander page, a unique B5 page, and so on. This should help clean up the whole thing, so that those looking for my deep, insightful material on Highlander don't have to dig through my Doomtown stuff, or my B5 stuff, or whatever.

So this link goes to my unique, standalone Doomtown! page, pardner! Take a look at it and check it out.