Hobby Sites of Interest

A collection of various miscellaneous interests of mine. Pick and choose as you like: role-playing, arcade games, magic, science fiction conventions are all featured here.

Gaming In General

My Own Brave New World Resource Center

Pinnacle's Official Deadlands Site A Good DC Universe RPG Site
A Villains & Vigilantes Web Site (V&V Emporium) CCG Center
Yu-Gi-Oh Webring A Pokemon Site
Another Good Pokemon Site Al Bruno's Web Site (Check out Rants & Reviews - hilarious!)

Comics and Stuff

A DC/Secret Society of Super-Villains Page (hey, I liked them) An Annotated Version of DC's Crisis on Infinite Earths
A bit on DC's Cancelled Comics Calvacade A decent, comprehensive Justice League Page
A good starting site for Watchmen fans Unca Cheeks Review Page (archived, without images)
A list of goofy Marvel Bad Guys Mild Mannered Reviews
Comics Database A Good Starting Avengers Page
Another JLA Site A program for generating Hero art
A Legion/Super Heroes Fiction Page The Mr. Terrific Home Page!
The Hembeck Files JSA Message Board
The 80's Watchman Script The DC Earth-3 Fan Fic Page
The Superman Cinema Site Women in Refrigerators - Females in Comics
The Ultimate Superfriends Website The Quarter Bin
The Unofficial Suicide Squad Homepage Justice League Central (animated series)
DC Cosmic Teams Seanbaby's Stupid Comics Page
JSA All-Star Story Site Members of the Justice Society Page
JSA Returns Page (check oiut the Seven Shadows)

Miscellaneous Hobby/Interests Stuff

Science Fiction League of Iowa Students Site SFFN - Iowa/IPT Science Fiction Fans
The Doc Savage Pulp Webring Bruce Campbell's Web Site (pretty funny)
The Anthony Delongis WebSite (because he's just a really cool guy) Harlan Ellison Homepage
Revolution - Science Fiction Hank Lee's Magic Factory
Comics 2 Film Robert Llewellyn's (i.e., Kryten, Red Dwarf) Web Site
Something Awful Web Site About the best Billy Joel Site I can find
An interesting personal fiction site (someone else's) Evil Overlord Site (very funny)
Script City Weird Movie Reviews, other stuff