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Well, it's back under new management. The following web-site will act as a clearinghouse for organized play-by-mail e-mail dueling.

But first, check out this site for all your "real" collectible card-buying needs!:

So what do you need to know?

Want a "non-cheating" way to make die rolls for Disarming, Tripping, etc.? Check out this site. You can have the program send a third-party die roll to both yourself and your opponent.

News (3/26/2004): I have merged the MLE1, MLE2, and MLE3 into a single tier. Promo cards, Dark Duncan, Ramirez Collection, Michael Moore/Quentin Barnes, and Morgan D'Estaing are not enabled at this time. Do not indicate you are willing to play MLE/MLC/SoI unless you are familiar with the card texts. I also added the spoiler text for the MLE Holy Ground and Alertness to the MLE rules - these two cards only are approved.

News (9/18/2002): For MLE Players: Holy Ground/MLE/Unexpected Event has been errata'd by the MLE team so that it removes itself from the game when it enters the discard pile.

More News (6/28/01): MLE errata is up and ready. As such, the WJ page is now updated to allow MLE1 personas and cards.

For the WJ rules on using MLE1 Personas and cards, click HERE.
To go to the MLE1 home page, click HERE
To see the up-to-date errata for MLE1, click HERE

New rules and handbook can be found at Stealth Dave's Web Site





Status Date

Win/Loss Record


Christen Sharod Duncan MacLeod Jake O'Denny Fighting Peter Diamond 3/8/05 2 wins, 3 losses #10
Jean-Paul Boier Duncan MacLeod Jeff Berden Fighting Francois LaCroix 6/15/05 3 wins, 2 losses #19, #25
Peter Diamond Fasil Caian Fighting Christen Sharod 3/9/05 9 wins, 2 losses #8, #14
Buckley Amerson Hugh Fitzcairn Jake O'Denny Fighting Drake 3/13/05 1 win, 1 loss #17
Drake Kanis Jeremy Kruger Fighting Buckley Amerson 3/13/05 0 wins, 0 losses None
Joshua Stone Kronos Jeff Berden Ready 4/27/04 6 wins, 2 losses #15, #16, #27
Paul Coldkill The Kurgan Jeff Berden Ready 3/19/05 5 wins, 2 losses #3, #28
Hana Neferteri Jake O'Denny Ready 3/24/05 2 wins, 1 loss #21
MLE1, MLE2, MLE3 Duelists
Weng Chiang Amanda Steve Crow Ready 4/29/05 2 wins, 2 losses #12
Corwin Cassandra Jeremy Kruger Fighting Trevor Boyd 8/19/05 1 win, 0 losses None
Anthony de Longis Consone Caian Ready 3/14/05 4 wins, 1 losses #20
Dung Nguyen Darius Steve Crow Ready 4/5/04 5 wins, 1 loss #1
Jerry Cornelius Faith Alain Ready 5/12/04 0 wins, 0 losses None
Corwin Haresh Clay Alain Ready 7/31/04 1 win, 1 loss None
Trevor Boyd Haresh Clay Nigel Keates Fighting Corwin 8/19/05 3 wins, 0 losses #4, #6, #22
Sun Shu-Jen Jin Ke Steve Crow Ready 4/26/05 5 wins, 2 losses #2
Cruel Kalas Sam Herbert Ready 1/30/05 0 wins, 0 losses None
Carlos Torres Kane Steve Crow Ready 3/14/05 3 wins, 4 losses #5
Alex Glostok Andre Korda Jeff Timi Ready 4/29/05 4 wins, 1 loss #23
Phax Andre Korda Jeff Timi Ready 5/12/05 3 wins, 3 losses None
Gracie Frederick Kyra Sean McLane Ready 8/19/05 0 wins, 0 losses None
Richard Stirling Methos Nigel Keates Ready 3/20/04 1 win, 0 losses #11, #26

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