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Welcome!!! Thank you for stopping
by my little corner of the web. I truly
do appreciate it. This little page 'o mine
does not have the typical x-files color
schemes that you'll find out there on the web.
As it is this page is undergoing some major
renovations right now. Please bear with me as
I don't get a whole lot of time right now. I
try and work on it when I'm not in school or
busy studying. (Which isn't that often!!) I
don't know what exactly what it's going to end
up looking like at the end here, I just felt
that it was time to rearrange the furniture a

Update: Worked on the
webrings page a little bit today. It's going to
take a bit since I'm in the middle of moving.
Plus the new look is driving me batty!!! Got a
new counter to replace the non-functioning one.
Please Bear with me! :-)

Hope you enjoy!!

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Look everyone! My first award!!! *Huge Grin* Thank you ever so much!

In Memory of Benjamin Urgan Jr.
April 13, 1999
May He Rest In Peace

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