The Other Side of the Wheel

This is a story. But not just any story - one about a topic that's been argued about in debates that have passed into legend, had essays and silly poetry written about it and, by an odd process of convergent evolution, had a roleplay site based on it by people who had never seen the original argument.

This, dear readers, is the story of a female Dragon.

You may believe it possible. And you may not. But if you belong to the latter group, suspend your disbelief and just enjoy. You will see many similarities to Jordan's story, as well as many differences. Both similarities and differences are there for one of three reasons. They may be there because they would exist, given the premises of the story. They may be there because they are convenient, and there is no particular reason for them not to be there. And they may be there for the pure fun of keeping you on your toes.

This story is dedicated to Dark Blight and the Car'a'carn from the GT Book Forum. They know why.

For more resources regarding the possibility of a female Dragon, read these  three  essays, or this poem (completely untrue, by the way) or the original argument on the GT archives.

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