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Questions for the future

You've stated that the answer to "Who killed Asmodean?" should be obvious to us all by now. I'm sure you've noticed that it's anything but. Do you mean that it should be obvious on first reading, or that we should be able to work it out logically?

Is it possible for an Aes Sedai to simply undo the bond with her Warder, rather than passing it to another sister? If it is, do all Aes Sedai know it can be done?

Is divorce legal in any of the Wheel of Time nations?

Are the Oath Rods interchangeable? Could one be used to remove an oath taken on another, or does the same one have to be used?

Moiraine claimed that only a living mind could handle the Power, yet the Bowl of the Winds drew on saidin despite the fact that there was no male channeler involved. Was Moiraine wrong? How did this work?

If a pregnant woman dreamed herself into Tel'aran'rhiod, would her child go with her as part of her body, or remain behind as a separate soul? How about Siamese twins?

In Crown of Swords, Rand gave Taim orders to leave Aes Sedai alone, to do nothing to upset them. And in Path of Daggers, Taim was ordered to track down and execute any deserters - Rand wants their heads to hang on the tree. So, what would happen if a deserting Asha'man went to hide in Tar Valon, a channeler hiding under the noses of Aes Sedai?

A similarly hypothetical situation. The ability to ignore discomfort, such as extreme heat or cold is a mental thing, able to be learned by anyone. This allows the mind to not only ignore the feeling of temperature, but also to override the bodies physical response, such as shivering or sweating. Would it be possible for a male channeler to do the same with the taint? Certainly, the feel of filth when chanelling should be ignorable, and possibly the full mental effects could also be defeated in the same way. Could even the decay occurring later be overridden by a strong personality?

Why do the wolves refer to Myrddraal as 'Neverborn' when the Guide tells us they ARE born, the throwback offspring of Trolloc parents?

There was mention in an earlier book that there were 2 sa'angreal that could be used by a male and were stronger than Callandor.  Will this other sa'angreal make an appearance in the series?

Does the Black Ajah include all Aes Sedai who are Darkfriends?

Is it possible to form a bond with another creature other than a wolf?

Is there any particular age that a Ogier male is married off upon reaching or does it depend upon how fast they run?

Is the 'island covered with a crystal lattice' that Bayle Domon mentions, the island called Qaim marked at the bottom of the map?

A Warder would be able to tell if his Aes Sedai turned to the Shadow, correct? If she was already Shadowsworn before bonding him, would he still know? If a normal Aes Sedai bonded a Darkfriend, would she be able to tell?

Does Lan's title of King of Malkier, Battle Lord, etc, actually mean anything in political terms? Or is it completely ceremonial? I thought the King was elected - if there was a new Malkier would he automatically be its ruler?

Is there a single channeling gene, or one each for men and women?

How does the spark vs learners distinction work, genetically? Is there a second gene that determines whether a channeler has the spark?

Is the soul of Lews Therin Telamon/Rand al'Thor the Light's champion in every conflict between Light and Dark, or are there others?

Is it Falion or Ispan who has (had) the shielding talent?

How widely was it known, when Liandrin's thirteen left the Tower, that they were Black Ajah? Did most of the Tower know, as Siuan implies to the three girls, or was it hushed up by a few?

Is there anything extraordinary about Verin diagnosing that an Ogier had no mind/soul when inside a stedding, or did she simply do the same thing as Sheriam did in The Dragon Reborn, apparently without channeling, to confirm that the dead man was a Gray Man?

Do Trollocs, Myrddraal and other Shadowspawn have souls/threads in the Pattern? Is a thread the same thing as a soul?

Is it possible for an Ogier, Myrdraal, Nym, or Trolloc to channel?  Even remotely possible?

Send in your questions to add to the list. None that have already been answered and no obvious RAFOs will be accepted. And if you're lucky enough to talk to Jordan someday, feel free to ask any of these and send me the answers.

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