Elrys Explains Balefire

Ok, from the title most of you can guess that I'm goin to do a fairly lengthy (and incoherent) comment on the ever famous Bale-Fire paradox.

1) The short of it is, should you not want to read the rest of this post and I very much doubt that all will, an AS very suddenly and unexpectedly meets another person whom they BF instantly. That person is erased from the pattern previous to the meeting so no Bf was ever cast. could the channeling be detected even though in the resultant reality no BF was ever cast?

2) My theory on what happens when Balefire is used. I think that Balefire merges one of the many 'Mirror worlds' with the one that is inhabited by the BF caster. The mirror world would have to be exactly the same as the 'real' world except in that in the mirror world the BFed person/thing would never have existed. The strength of the weave determines how far back the two dimensions merged together. NOTE these are just my thoughts at this particular moment. I'm sure if I thought really hard (but I'm not) I could come up with a better theory and/or poke holes in this one but this is not meant to be taken entirely seriously. I am bored at the moment and that is the purpose of this post.

3) The long-winded non-sensical version of point 1. Our favorite Aes Sedai is out shopping after a long day of political infighting amoung her Ajah's ranks while ingnoring the world's problems (she lost and had to go and get the food and the booze). Anyway, She is walking through her local supermarket shopping for food in a particularly bad temper. "I'm a bloody Aes Sedai! others should have to do my shopping, I don't have time for such inconsequential matters as this (even though had she not been forced by her fellow sisters to go and get food and drink she would be VERY pissed at having nothing to eat or drink)......bloody incompetent servants quitting at 6:00 PM......" As she rounds a corner of a supermarket aisle, she bumps right into our hero, a gentled False-Dragon restocking the supermarket shelves. Seeing as she'd had some tramatic experiences with this false-dragon in the past and doesn't like the employees of supermarkets in general (especially bag-boys for some odd reason. perhaps a bad experience in her youth?) she is quite startled and instantly reacts and Balefires the hell out of the poor guy. The nearby clerk remarks, "I wish you hadn't done that. He was our best restocking boy. Now I'll have to do it. :(" As she was startled senseless she put quite the amount of power into that weave and hero False Dragon/Supermarket-shelve- restocking-boy was erased from the pattern 3 to 4 minutes before they had even met. This caused people who had just bought stuff that he had restocked to suddenly find that their shopping carts were lacking in certain items and many were quite annoyed at the inconvenience of having to go back and pick up another of their vanished items. This also caused the False-Dragon/Supermarket-boy to not have existed for our Aes Sedai to have ever been startled by so she never had the opportunity to Bale Fire him. It's your standard Paradox folks. RJ largely ignores these paradoxes (wisely imho) except to say that the person is dead beyond retreiving and that using BF is bad and erases threads fom the pattern that might be useful in the future and that not having those threads could cause grevious harm to the Pattern and the Wheel itself. Basically he says it is bad to Balefire things and people but does not put immediate consequences for such actions. (who will stop if the consequences are not harsh and immediate but saved for future generations?)

*****Here's the qusetion of the moment by me: Does Jane Doe Aes-Sedai who is nearby buying the booze for her ajah (she lost at paper-rock-scissors) sense the channelling of the first Aes Sedai? (who from her actions and thoughts could best be described as RED ajah (the first AS that is))

My guess at this moment is NO. Seeing as in the resulting reality the meeting never occured and the BF was never cast, one would think that it would not be sensed by other channelers. This would make BF the perfect tool in cities as no one would sense your attack unless the channeling somehow crosses the barrior between what happened before the BF and what happened after the BF removed the 'Stuff' from the pattern so no Bf was ever needed. My answer is now YES, the channeling would be sensed ..... or wouldn't it be?..... (If you've read all of that congratulations, you earn my profound respect *yeah!* I couldn't even read the entire thing without skipping through it and I wrote the thing! A lack of sleep is getting to me. I apologise for any hardships that may occur as a result of this rambling post and can not be held accountable for your actions after reading said post)

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