The Brown Ajah Bookshelf

A is for Axe: the young Trolloc's reading primer
See Laman Run: first words for young Aiel
Demandred: Can We Taim Him?
War And More War: a Borderlander novel
Lose Weight the Easy Way (Free Shadar Logoth dagger with every book purchased)
Little House Lying in Ruins on the Prairie by The Prophet of the Lord Dragon (blessed be his name in the Light)
Men are from Shayol Ghul and Women are also from Shayol Ghul - Dome of Truth publications
Ji'e'toh in 11739 easy steps (Wetlander Edition)
How to Tune a Hot Rod
by Elayne Trakand
A Two Rivers Yokel in Queen Morgase's Court

The Joy of Utter and Total Abstinence Even in the Face of Temptuous Pleasure for Fear of Swift and Painful Retribution: The Whitecloak Guide to Sex
How to Translate Randlandese into Randlandese: A Guide to the World's Languages
Randland... Who the Hell is Rand?: A Historical Dissertation
I'm Not Who You Think I Am
by Demandred

And finally...

Read And Find Out: A beginner's guide to the first 25 books of the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan