Confession of a WoT Addict

If you read all seven books,
Youíre probably already hooked,
And what can we do?
Nothing, really, misery
Always longs for company,
And weíre all addicts, too.
Welcome to the Wheel of Time!
The only reason for this rhyme
Is to prove beyond all doubt
That we cannot live without
Waiting in anticipation
For the next book of Creation:
Our friends have all vanished, our social lives gone,
But we donít care, for the Wheel spins on...and on...and on...

None of us know how it happened to us,
We all thought, one book, thatís easily enough:
But what happened then?
Somehow despite all our vows,
There was no chance for whys or hows:
We found ourselves reading again.
Now weíre all self-confessed junkies:
We climb the shelves of books like monkeys,
Reaching for the book right at the top:
We know the danger, but we just canít stop!
Why, Robert Jordan? Tell us, say
Why you corrupt our youth this way?
We need counselling, a cure, but I guess Iíll have to go without,
Because - well - Iím on a budget, and I just heard the Guide is out...

sorry. I guess itís incurable.

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