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The Age of Legends

Q: Are shocklances guns, or an energy discharge weapon? 
A: Energy discharge weapons. 

Q: What age # was the age of legends.
A: The age before the third age. The breaking of the world brought on the third age. The trolloc and hundred years wars were only punctuations in local history.

Q: The character Beidomon was presumably very powerful in the AOL and it has been suggested by some that he is still knocking around in the current age, possibly as Mordeth. Is there any truth in this? 
A: No. 

Q: Mr. Jordan, I loved your flashbacks to the Age of Legends in Book Four. I'm fascinated by how so many characters regard this Age as an incredible time when Aes Sedai could accomplish anything. Will we learn anything else about the Age of Legends in your upcoming books?
A: As far as what you'll find out about them, read and find out. I myself see the Age of Legends as a time that was vey technological, with a technology based on the one power. And thus, a place where things happened every day that would be considered miraculous to the people of the present time of the books. If you took someone from 500 years ago into the average house in the United States, they would think that what they were seeing had to be the product of magic, and they would believe that our world was an incredible time of wonder. They probably wouldn't see any of the warts that we see. And in the books this has happened in reverse, because the grand time is in the past.

Then KuraFire asked his LTT's palance question:
Q: Are the ruins of Lews Therin's palace still in the ... world [Kura: what was the word you said before world?]
A: Ah, no.
Q: They are really gone?
A: They are really gone.

Q: Does the ashanderei come from the Age of legends?
A: yes the ashandarei comes from the aol
Q: If mat only has memorys from around the Trolloc wars how does he know how to use it?
A: mat does not have memories only from the trolloc wars. Mats memories extend all the way into the time of artur hawkwing 1000 years later

Reports from signings

Also, there's another (non FAQ related) note concerning the pre-Bore AoL... RJ had mentioned (in response to another question) that what the characters believe does not make it so (Moir's statements were used as an example), so I asked whether the pre-Bore AoL was the Utopia that the characters believed it to be. His reply is paraphrased below: Compared to their current world, it certainly would be a utopia. However, that doesn't mean that it wasn't perfect. Of course, outbreaks of diseases were kept to a minimum, but it and other disasters of that ilk still occurred. Evil still existed, as well.

Even back in the AoL, regular, ordinary folks could do some pretty nasty things. He then cited a study about a small town of ordinary Germans in WW2 who did some pretty horrific things (I believe he was referring to the book "Hitler's Willing Executioners").

My first question: "Was the Aes Sedai who initiated the Pact of Rhuidean 
from the Age of Legends?"  (From TSR).
Jordan: (Pause)"No." (Pause)"No, she was not from the Age of Legends."

On the subject of a story set in the Age of Legends, most probably not.  The Age of Legends was entirely too boring to write about, up until the time it became too interesting.  And at that point, it became too gloomy 
because it was a long, drawn out apocalypse.

Who or what is the Tamyrlin?  RAFO.

Tonight I asked him, sneakily and in-between two people asking him to sign their books, about whether or not anything was still remaining from LTT's palace, in other words if there were still ruins left of it in the current world.
Sadly, he answered a very clear "No, nothing is left of that anymore"
This means that the ruins underneath the Panarch's palace in Tanchico are not the ruins of LTT's palace.

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