Thus Spake The Creator

Tel'aran'rhiod and other dreams

Q: Are Dreaming and dreamwalking essentially just different names for the same Talent, or are they separate Talents that often occur together? The illustrated guide seemed to confuse the issue somewhat.
A: No. They're verty differnt. A dreamwalker can enter draems but a dream only "understands" dreams, though Dreamwakers are generally Dreamers too

Reports from signings

I got an answer to the Rahvin/balefire/TAR question - when someone is bfed, the constructs they make in TAR do not disappear, but instead fade away slowly over time. There are lots of wierd effects associated with TAR and bf, such as the way the world flickers after bf used. I asked him just generally about it, and then he jumped straight in, gave the answer, then used the Rand and the fish example. 

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