Thus Spake The Creator

Advice to aspiring writers

Q: I would like to become a writer in the future. How do you suggest I get started? 
A: By writing. 

Q: Mr. Jordan, what advice would you give to a young and aspiring writer? And are these just rumors I hear that you might come to Portland, Oregon soon for a signing? 
A: I was in Portland Oregon several days ago for a signing. My advice to a writer is to write; write and send it to paying markets.

Q: Mr. Jordan, I have found the prophesies in your books very structured. Would you recomend a prospective author structuring any prophesy in this way? And, did you establish the main prophesies in hte series early on and think to yourself, "Now how am I going to fulfill that one?" 
A: Well, it is a matter of knowing what I wanted to happen in the story, and how I wanted the story to go, and placing prophecies that would fortell these events sometimes in very shadowy ways. As far as structuring prophecies for your own work, I think you should do it however you want to do it; it's the only way you can! 

Q: Mr. Jordan, how did you go about coming up with the story line of Wheel of Time? Did you think about it over several years or did you have a set time frame in which you had to develop it? Any advice for someone trying to write fantasy? 
A: My advice to someone trying to write fantasy is, go see a psychiatrist. As far as how I developed it, I certainly didn't have a deadline set. Many years ago, more than 15, not as many as 20, certain ideas started poking around in my head, rubbing against one another, and this slowly became what is the Wheel of Time. I really don't know that I could explain it any better than that. At least not if I don't go on for hours. For that matter, if I go on for hours, I'm not sure I can explain it any better than that.

Q: Mr. Jordan, The Wheel Of Time series is an incredible piece of work. It is truthfully beyond anything I have ever read, including the works of Tolkein. Is there any advise you could give to an aspiring writer who is having a terrible time getting started with his story? I'm also an amature actor and I look forward to auditioning for the part of Padan Fain one day.
A: The only advice I can give is to keep writing! But if you want to audition for the part of Padan Fain, maybe you ought to seek pychiatric help!

Q: Mr. Jordan, do you have any advice for aspiring fantasy writers (such as myself)?
A: Write. When you've written something send it out. As soon as it's in the mail write more. Never stop writing and never stop sending material out. Write and keep writing and keep trying to get published. If a story is on the shelf it isn't writing. Whatever you've written isn't complete without a reader

Q: Mr. Jordan, my question is not directly related to your books. I wrote one myself, and I am working through an online company to make it available until I can get it published properly. Through this company, I'm hoping to get a copy in your hands. Will you read it if they get you one? And perhaps review it?
A: sorry i really just don' have time to read manuscripts

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