Thus Spake The Creator


Q: Is Tai'Daishar the foal of Daishar? Could someone bond Bela?...pause....Why? Any chance that Bela will foal during the series? Exactly how old is Bela supposed to be?
A: * RobertJordan laughs *  No...nobody could bond Bela. And for the rest of it, read and find out. Daishar is a gelding - so I somehow doubt it. -Raina

E.S. from Denver: How did Kierkegard and Sartre influence your portrayal of Bela and can you discuss how the equus/superequus dichotomy played out in the whole Asmodean murder scene?
RJ: (laughs) No, no, neither Sartre or Kierkegard influenced me in the slightest, nor did they influence the development of Bela. My wife thinks that they did influence the development of Bela, but I don't and I'm the one who did it, so there.

A: Oh, you're one of those people who believe Bela is a darkfriend, are you?
us: No, she's the Creator herself.
A: No no, there's a whole body of thought, a whole body of writing on the net, proving that Bela is indeed a darkfriend, and possibly an avatar of the Dark One himself.
Kura: We have the proof that Bela is the Creator.
A: You'll have to put it on the net then... (*blinks* Jordan isn't aware of Larry Homer's essay? What a pity indeed... Seems like he's still thinking as they did back when the "where was Bela during LoC?" contests were held in rasfwr-j...)
Kura: it is.

Reports from signings

Bela is the Nae'blis.

When told about the Bela in LoC plot contest he said that he knew what Bela had been doing in LoC. WARNING! Non-family newsfroup material! Quote made without consent from the Great Lord of the Dark! "I wouldn't quite call it lesbian bestiality. Rather a very close mutual friendship with a certain female in Salidar." [ I wonder who? :-) ] I'm sceptical about these two reports - was Jordan joking or did someone make them up? - Raina

As he grabbed my second book, I asked,
"Is Bela the creator?"
"No, she's Nae'blis," he said, laughing. He went on to say something along the lines of: I know all your theories about her being Nae'blis.
As he handed me my book, I asked,
"Is Bela the Dark One?"
He laughed. "Hmmmm," he said, "I might do something with that... No, just kidding."
I stepped away but lingered as he signed the next person's first book. As he grabbed the second book, he said,
"She's the avatar of Illyena Sunhair [I think it was Sunhair. Is that her name?]."
He went on to say that Illyena died, but had bad karma.
I'm serious.  Hmm, maybe that first one wasn't made up after all. - Raina again

In response to the people in the back of the line (which had circled around two book aisles to the RJ table again), he asked the following question of them…
“Have you ever noticed how Bela and Shaidar Haran are never in same scene?” Those WERE Bela monkeys in the back. And, no, RJ wasn’t messing with them.

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