Thus Spake The Creator

Birgitte (and Gaidal Cain)

Q: When Birgitte says she remembers a tale of a female Warder after being bonded to Elayne, does she remember herself? 

Q: What happens to Birgitte if the Horn of Valere is sounded again? 
A: Read and find out, my children, read and find out. :)

Reports from signings

The interview then continued with the communication between the various characters, and RJ stated clearly that every person keeping a secret, or withholding information, has a good reason for it, even if it in many cases are very personal. He exemplified this with the relation between Birgitte, Elayne and Egwene, where everyone _knew_ that all knew Birgitte's secret (or at least a large part of it), but due to Elayne giving her word, the situation could not be resolved.

Knowledge and information has an inherent mutability. The example he brought up was Birgitte's _living_ of the history, apart from reading it, and the very different views it brought.

When Moghedien ripped out Birgitten from T'A'R she "short-circuited" the Pattern, by bringing in an adult "in the flesh" instead of letting Birgitte join Gaidal Cain the "normal" way. He said also that Gaidal Cain may not have any role to play in Tarman Gai'don. [ "may" - consider that - my note ]

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