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The Black Ajah

Q: I'm curious, What happened to the Black Ajah's Warders? Did they kill them? 
A: Those who did not die on the night that Liandrin and the others left, died not long thereafter. Not all of them _had_ warders, remember. And not just the Reds.  But Asne's and Eldrith's Warders are still around in book 9. I'm confused. - Raina

Q: Would making all Aes Sedai reswear the 3 oaths on an oath rod, and then asking them, reveal if they are Black Ajah? (It should...) 
A: There are certain difficulties with this. It might answer the question but how many sisters do you think will meekly submit to being asked to do such a thing? Being asked to do it is in effect an accusation. Although it's happened, now - Raina again

Q: Does the Blak Ajah contain all Aes Sedai who are darkfriends?
A: Yes.

Q: Have you ever thought about reinstituting some of the old ideas from earlier books? For example, in "The Dragon Reborn" you had a situation with thirteen dark sisters and thirteen Myrdral to forceably convert someone to the darker side of things. It seems you have abandoned that. Do you think you might have something like that pop up again at some unexpected moment? It doesn't seem realistic for the black ajah to abandon the idea
A: I have not abandoned this notion about a circle of 13 AS and 13 Myrddraal can convert someone to the Shadow. It is not an easy situation to set up, in fact its a very difficult situation to set up. It has to be worth the effort, you don't go to all of this effort to just convert anyone. In fact it might be better for your plans to manipulate someone against their will than as a willing ally.

Q: Does the Black Ajah still have the dice they stole, when the first thirteen left the Tower
A: Read and find out
( The only time these dice are mentioned is when Nyneave, Egwene and Elayne are reading the lists of stolen ter'angreal they got from Verin. I first thought that maybe they had something to do with Mat but I couldn't find any evidence for it )

Reports from signings

Ask about the three white black aes sedai in Liandrin's group when there should only be two. Joiya Byir (killed at Tear) Rianna Andormeran Falion Bhoda Complete surprise. Really? Mutter mutter. Have to check that out.

When an Aes Sedai turns BA, does she keep her warder?  If so, how is that accomplished. RAFO. Of course, the easiest way is to pick a DF for a warder.  But RAFO.
He either misinterpreted my question with that parenthetical comment, or intentionally avoided the point.  I was thinking specifically of Vandene here, since it looks like she might have killed Adeleas and Ispan, and I have a hard time believing that she has been Black since before she ever bonded a warder.  She obviously _has_ been Black for quite a while, since it was most likely her that warded the Draghkar who nearly killed Moi in tGH. But I have to think she most likely turned black some time during her tenure as an AS. So is Jaem a DF too?  We must assume...

Oh, and he made some comments about how warder of the BA might sometimes meet with "accidents" so the BA can remain secret. Alternatively, BA might intentionally bond darkfriends.

If an Aes Sedai becomes Black Ajah, the Warder would know instantly that something was up, but wouldn't know exactly what.  The Black Ajah has three choices, then-- hope the Warder is a Darkfriend or amenable to being one, hide the affiliation, or arrange for an accident.  Yes, this would be painful for the Aes Sedai, but it might become necessary.  The process of becoming Black Ajah is evidently quite painful in its own right and thus probably involves more than just swearing new Oaths on the Rod.  (I submit that this is why he Red Ajah is rife with Black Ajah-- they have an easier time actively recruiting >from that pool.  By the same token, I claim that the Green Ajah is more pure than the others.) I submit that the next person who says 'the Red Ajah is rife with Black Ajah' without proof is going to get strangled with my shawl. - Evy, Raina's Red alter ego.

13 BA that left the Tower. 2 from each ajah. This obviously didn’t fly, and was a mistake from an early printing.

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