Thus Spake The Creator


Q: WOuld Rand technically be a bladesmaster since he killed the Seanchan BM in Great Hunt? Or is there more to being a bladesmaster than that? 
A: There's more to it than that.

Q: I don't think this'll come up at all in the series, so hopefully it won't be a RAFO. ;) Just how 'organized' is the institution of blademastery, if we can call it that? I believe you hinted before that there's more to blademastery than beating a blademaster and taking his sword. And, how many blademasters do you imagine exist in Randland at the time of the books? Just how rare is it? 
A: First off...raaity. Fewer than 100 men in the nations that are spoken of in the book. It is a semi-formal thing that is normally one is chosen to become a blademaster by other blademasters. There's no real organization. IF you want to become a blademaster, you have to find other blademasters who are willing to acknowledge you as an equal.

Q: Who would win in a sword fight between lan and galad? My moneys on lan.
A: (laughs) Unless you can find someone else to bet with, use your money to buy yourself some beer.

Q: What was Lews Therin's age at the time of the sealilng of the bore, and was his prowness with the sword (and sammael's) comparable to modern blademasters?
A: Read and find out!

Q: Mr. Jordan, why did you choose a heron as a mark for the dragon reborn (and swordmaster)?
A: i chose the heron because that is a quick supple and to its prey very deadly bird. The perfect avian simily for a swordsman

Q: Is the material of a true heron blade altered the same way as a ter'a?
A: the material of a true heron mark blade is altered. It is not simple steel anymore.

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