Thus Spake The Creator

Cadsuane Melaidhrin

Q: Why introduce a somewhat important character like Cadsuane so late in the series? Is the fact that it seems a little odd supposed to be a clue?
A: She's introduced late inthe series because this is the place where she was supposed to come in. I didn't expect her to be a part earlier in the series--there was nothing for her to do! We introduce no character before her time. With apologies to Orson Welles.

Q: According to several of AOL's members in our discussion forum, you stated at a Balticon conference that Verin Sedai had never held the Oath Rod, or had circumvented the Oaths. I was wondering if that was true, and if so, has Cadsuane also done so? 
A: No, I did *not* say that Verin had never held the Oath Rod. Cadsuane has also held the Oath Rod.

Reports from signings

1.)  Re: Cadsuane's pointed reminiscences about the good ol' days in Far Madding, I asked, "So can we assume..."  and didn't even get to finish the question before he answered...
A: "Cadsuane is from Far Madding."  And followed immediately, with no prompting, with "and Verin is from Far Madding."  *Arched eyebrow* (For some reason, this last elicited a Startled Moment from Harriet.  I was 
determined not to get a RAFO, so I didn't pursue this any further.  Also I was nervous and had more questions.)

Next two questions were essentially the same, just about different characters: Had he always known the size and importance of the role of Fain and Cadsuane?
Answer:  Yes.

One person asked whether Romanda was the Aes Sedai that Cadsuane referred to as being nearly as old as she was.  Jordan answered in the affirmative.  I was distracted by someone at the time and _thought_ I heard that 
correctly, but wasn't quite sure.  (And I gave the guy who asked the question a really weird look, because the answer didn't seem to make sense-- why was everyone surprised about Cadsuane's being alive, if Romanda was just about as old?  Apparently because Cadsuane is so much more heroic than Romanda.)

Romanda is the Sister who is mentioned in New Spring as being as old as Cadsuane.  (Sorry if that was something many of you already knew to be true.  I had a bet going so was rather pleased with that one)

"I personally have specifically asked Robert Jordan about this issue. (during a book launch in Sydney late 1999) He confirmed that Cadsuane's hairpiece IS a ter'angreal, and that we should have enough information to know what it does. Whether this means that it acts similar to Mat's foxhead medallion, or senses male channeling, or both, is still unknown." 

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