Thus Spake The Creator

Elayne Trakand

Q: What is going to happen with Elayne, Min, Rand and Avhi in their relationship? Will they all get along? 
A: "Read and find out!" he chuckled richly. ;)

Reports from signings

On why Aviendha's toh required her to kill Rand, he said basically "Read and Find Out", but he noted that Aviendha is under the strain of several tohs. He also pointed out that her interpretation from Elayne's reaction from her confession to Elayne gives her a way out, but that Elayne does not share that interpretation. [ The show will certainly go on :-) ]

Egwene, and El and Ny have also experienced forced training.

The interview then continued with the communication between the various characters, and RJ stated clearly that every person keeping a secret, or withholding information, has a good reason for it, even if it in many cases are very personal. He exemplified this with the relation between Birgitte, Elayne and Egwene, where everyone _knew_ that all knew Birgitte's secret (or at least a large part of it), but due to Elayne giving her word, the situation could not be resolved.

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