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Padan Fain

Q: What went on with Egwene, Mat and Fain in the dungeon of The Great Hunt? 
A: Most of it is fairly obvious, I would think. For the rest, you'll have to read and find out.

Q: What is Padan Fain's overall role in the Wheel Of Time (besides hating Rand with a passion) 
A: Read and find out ... except you should be able to figure out most of it by now. Think a little bit -- it's all there, really.

Q: What exactly is Padan Fain? 
A: Read & Find Out. 

Q: Mr. Jordan, The Wheel Of Time series is an incredible piece of work. It is truthfully beyond anything I have ever read, including the works of Tolkein. Is there any advise you could give to an aspiring writer who is having a terrible time getting started with his story? I'm also an amature actor and I look forward to auditioning for the part of Padan Fain one day.
A: The only advice I can give is to keep writing! But if you want to audition for the part of Padan Fain, maybe you ought to seek pychiatric help!

Reports from signings

 What is Fain? Mordeth + person. Mordeth is a human-made evil. The black wind gets along with Mordeth because of professional courtesy. Fain is anti-forsaken as well as anti-Rand. He has a lot of skills and abilities outside of channelling. He can not channel.

Next two questions were essentially the same, just about different characters: Had he always known the size and importance of the role of Fain and Cadsuane?
Answer:  Yes.

He also mentioned the fact that Fain is essentially his wild card, a character that is outside the structure of the work and can therefore act totally unpredictably.

I was able to get a few questions in.  Karl-Johan I got a RAFO about the nature of Fain.  However I think I worded the question differently than we had originally planned.  Damn if I could find the paper I took notes on before I went to the signing.

Q6: (Didn’t catch the question exactly, but it regarded Fain’s escape and the dead prisoners)
A6: Fain killed the prisoners, not his rescuer. And it wasn’t Lanfear.

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