Thus Spake The Creator


Q: Is there any specific reason why there isn't a name given to the continent in which Rand and com(company) inhabit? 
A: Simply because people don't generally give names to their homes that way -- it's other places they give names to. 

Q: We were also wondering about the size of the big is Caemlyn for instance? 
A: Let's see...Well Tar Valon is 500,000 people and cities like Caemlyn and Tear are around 300,000 or so. I've envisioned a seventeenth century society and you've got to remeber that for those times 300,000 would be huge. Some Asian cities of that period had populations near one million but nothing in Europe was even close.

Q: What is/was Garen's Wall? Will it play a role? 
A: Garen's Wall is a split between tectonic plates. It is a great cliff that stretches across hundreds of miles. As to whether it plays a part, read and find out! Maybe it do and maybe it don't. 

Reports from signings

Randland size: Randland is approximately 4500 miles across. Seanchan is as big as Randland, the Aiel Waste, and Shara all put together (a single empire the size of North and South America).

There seems to have been much discussion about Randland size recently, and section (2.08) of the FAQ, "Geography of Randland" didn't have any info, so we (myself, Lara, and Greebs) took it upon ourselves to ask about this at the Vancouver signing (Friday 23rd). From the Spine to the Aryth Ocean is 4-5000 miles; RJ compared Seanchan to the Americas, as one landmass. He made it clear that the Seanchan Empire is big.

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