Thus Spake The Creator

Snakes, Foxes and the Tower of Ghenjei

Q: In THE SHADOW RISING, Perrin was chasing Slayer in Tel'Aran'Rhiod. Slayer vanished at the Tower of Ghenjei. Did he enter it, or did he just step out of the Dreamworld?
A: Read and find out.

Q: Mr. Jordan, will we find out more about the Snakes and Foxes in future books? 
A: Read and find out! ::stage direction: Phantom of the Opera: Laughter from offtstage 

Q: Will we being seeing more of the snakes and foxes in the next book? 

Q: Also, what was going on in Aelfland when Mat went round and round and round the same location? Were they travelling in time? 
A: Not travelling in time. the physical laws of nature differ. Mentioning the DO here is bad luck. In Aelfland, it is *REALLY* bad. You can not go to Aelfland in TAR (similar to stedding).

Q: Is there any chance whatsoever that you could explain to us the full set of rules for the game 'Snakes and Foxes'? I would really like to try playing it.
A: (laughs) Not tonight! There's a fair description in one of the books, though -- perhaps someday I'll put it down in print somewhere. Really, it is a child's game.

Reports from signings

Does the Snakes and Foxes game played in the Two Rivers have anything to do with the 'finn?  RAFO. (My answer: Duh?)

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