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Tam and Kari al'Thor

Q: How about, I've noticed that the history of Rand's "parents" hasn't really been developed. We know a bit about Tam (and the original correlation with Rand's Character) could you tell us something about Kari? 
A: Not really at this point. We'll find out a little bit more later.

Comment : Your an amazing author! If only everyone else in the world was like you, then the world might be a better place. 
Q: What can you tell us about Kari al'Thor? Where was she from, etc. 
A: Reply to comment: How true, how true. About Kari al'Thor: you're going to have to read on to find out beyond what's already in the books. 

Q: My question has a few parts When Pe left the Two Rives did he tell people who he was going to see? Did Rands Father come/ Does he know about Rand being The DR? 
A: 1. Read and find out. 2. No, Rand's father did not come. 3. Read and find out!

Reports from signings

Tam: He has basicly put together all the stuff he's heard, and knows that Rand is the Dragon Reborn, although he hasn't admitted it to himself yet.

Tam "knows" that Rand is the Dragon Reborn. Jordan said that Tam has all the clues he needs to figure out that Rand is the Dragon Reborn. Whether or not Tam will admit it to himself is another matter. Jordan said that Tam merely finding Rand as a baby on the slopes of Dragonmount wasn't enough of a clue -- even if Tam were familiar with that phrophecy then, few people think about those things or expect them to happen literally to them -- but that, plus the fact that Rand has disappeared off with Aes Sedai who say he's important, and the fact that the world is going crazy, should give Tam enough information to make the conclusion.

Rand and Tam al’Thor originally started out as one character.
He is a man in his 30s from Emond’s Field in the present.
(Earlier, when his story ‘starts’) There isn’t much for a kid from a small village out wherever to do that does not involve backbreaking work. At about 15, he runs away to become a soldier (yes, a field that does involve backbreaking labor). After 20 years or so as a soldier, Rand/Tam wants to go home, but when he does, he realizes he’s no longer the boy that left that little village. “And prophecy is on his heels”. Maybe something of the sort will be done in a future series.

Talking about why the Tam/Rand main character becamse just Rand.
A: ...see this world for the first time, so that at the same time as the reader is seeing something for the first time, so are these people from this small town.

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