Thus Spake The Creator

Al'Lan Mandragoran

Q: Mr. Jordan: I like the fact that the main characters are a little unsure of themselves and how to proceed in their world, particularly Rand. Instead, the traditional "superhuman" is Lan, who plays a background role thus far. Will we see more of him?
A: Yes, some more.

Q: why myrelle so heartless. she nearly let lan die... why? 
A: She's dealing with a man capable of taking her head off before even she could blink and a man who's in a mental state where she can't be sure he won't. 

Q: Who would win in a sword fight between lan and galad? My moneys on lan.
A: (laughs) Unless you can find someone else to bet with, use your money to buy yourself some beer.

Q: You said time after time that Lan will die if Nynaeve dies. What about her? She's Aes Sedai, so she will live very long. And he's much older than her anyway. Would she be able to live without him??
A: lan is undergoing the severing effect of his bond to moiraine which means that he has lost the desire and will to live which is being restored to him by nyneave on top of which he loves her. if she dies he really really has no reason to stick around. as for nynaeve, and lan dying, women are always a lot tougher, emotionally, then man are. Nyn will cry for a very long time when L dies and she will go on living.

Q: Is Edeyn still alive?
A: rafo

Reports from signings

He may or may not give a Lan POV.

A pretty original question was about the Malkieri. In New Spring there were still a lot of them, but nowadays Lan is the only one around: how's that possible? Did they all die?
No, it's a matter of assimilation. All these people now think of themselves as part of the country they live in, they've taken on these new cultures. Lan is the only one who hasn't done this, who at heart remains a Malkieri.

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