Thus Spake The Creator

Min Farshaw

Q: Are Mins visions absolute foretellings or probabilities?
A: Her visions are absolute foretellings. The problem is, she doesn't always know what it means. The only changes from that are two visions she's had which indicated the possibility of the future forking, an "either/or." And that's the only time she's ever had anything like that.

Q: All of Min's viewing have come true except one.. does this mean she is no longer infallible? 
A: No, it doesn't. And actually, that's not quite true, that all of her viewings have come true but one. 

Q: What is going to happen with Elayne, Min, Rand and Avhi in their relationship? Will they all get along? 
A: "Read and find out!" he chuckled richly. ;)

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