Thus Spake The Creator

Moiraine Damodred

Q: Will Moiraine come back from the dead since Lanfear and Asmodean apparently have? 
A: Read and find out -- in fact, I _really_ suggest you read and find out. 

Q: Is Moraine really dead? 
A: Read and find...out. 

Q: Mr Jordan, please forgive if this is redundant, as I just recently joined the conference. Is Moiraine well and truly dead? or could her and Mierin/Lanfear reappear at some later venue? 
A: Read and find out! 

Q: Why did you decide to remove (for the time being, I assume) the character of Moiraine? Was it completely plot-driven, or was it actually a way of reworking her character? 
A: Plot-driven. I know what is supposed to happen with these people, and I'm sorry I can't tell you more. I'll have to say, "Read and find out."

Q: Is Moiraine's E&E network independent of the Blue or does it overlap. How do they report - i.e. does Moraine have someone who collects messages for her? 
A: All E&E networks overlap a little, but hers was pretty independent.

Q: Is the Moiraine character going to come back?
A: Read and find out.
Q: Okay, fine, be that way.
A: No, that's all right. It's one of the most frequently asked questions. RAFO (read and find out) is also the one of my most frequently given answer to things. Once Harriet asked me what I wanted for dinner and I told her to read and find out.

Reports from signings

On Moiraine's death-or-not-death he answered "Read and Find out".

I chimed in later on to ask if "there was a physical resemblance between Cyndane and a certain height-challenged Aes Sedai".  He said "We don't know yet."  I think that means yes, which is interesting.  If there hadn't been one, he could have said no, and he has written the descriptions of Cyndane ambiguously enough to prevent any proof either way.

Moiraine lost her list sometime between NS and tEotW. By the opening of the story, all she could remember was that there had been a name from the Two Rivers.

Ok, I got my book signed in Vroman's in Pasadena, CA, today. RJ was extremely friendly, and talked to everyone, laughing and even teasing a bit. One could say he was "jolly".
Anyway, when it was my turn, I asked him two questions. I'll put parts in quotes when they are exactly what was said (or close enough), and I wrote it down so I'd remember.
As he signed my first book, I asked,
"Is Cyndane's power roughly equal to, say... Moiraine?"
He had a surprised look on his face for a moment, then it became amused, and he gave me a RAFO. His face indicated to me that I was absolutely right, but obviously it's not evidence.

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