Thus Spake The Creator

Nynaeve al'Meara/Mandragoran

Q: Ask what the deal is with Nyn being able to hold half the power as ten sisters with a sa'angreal but not being able to handle two pussy little BA by herself. 
A: Some people have shielding talents.

Miss Nynaeve-fan asked a question, standing up very formal together with another girl...
Jordan: "Oh, well you're gonna sing..."
J: "no? what?"
Is Nynaeve self-assured?
J: "Is Nynaeve self-assured?"
Or is she just pretending to be?
J: "No, Nynaeve is self-assured."
YES!! *almost bounces through the roof*

Q: You said time after time that Lan will die if Nynaeve dies. What about her? She's Aes Sedai, so she will live very long. And he's much older than her anyway. Would she be able to live without him??
A: lan is undergoing the severing effect of his bond to moiraine which means that he has lost the desire and will to live which is being restored to him by nyneave on top of which he loves her. if she dies he really really has no reason to stick around. as for nynaeve, and lan dying, women are always a lot tougher, emotionally, then man are. Nyn will cry for a very long time when L dies and she will go on living.

Q: maybe this is a stupid question too: but you told us that when you had your first thoughts about wheel of time tham and rand altor where the same person. Now i have a question about nynaeve. when you first thought about her was she the same person as she is now (did you already thought about her tugging het braid???)
A: nynaeve in the beginning was actually going to be the loveinterest for rand'tam but she was the same kind of woman - quickly temperamental and not suffering fools gladly.

Reports from signings

Egwene, and El and Ny have also experienced forced training.

Emma asked Jordan to tell some things about Nynaeve which we didn't already know from the books but should know... [As I also found out later: these kind of open questions really don't work with Jordan]
A: ... She was pushy even as a kid ...

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