Thus Spake The Creator

The Ogier

Q: I enjoy the many nations and peoples in the Wheel of Time an how richly their societies are detailed! What was your inspiration for the Ogier? 
A: It's really impossible to say here. The Ogier came from a dozen different sources, at least. 

Q: Is it possible for an Ogier to be bonded as a Warder? I am not asking if it will happen, just if it is physically possible. We know that Ogier can be fierce warriors, so that shouldn't be a problem. Perhaps the bond could somehow reduce the longing? An Ogier would make the perfect Warder for a Brown, if the bond were possible. 
A: Such a bond would be possible, but an Ogier would find it a very strange thing to be asked to do. I can't think of an Ogier on this side of the Aryth Ocean who would be willing to accept.

Q: Is "Ogier" from to sing Ogier? 
A: No. It's to sound like Ogre but not be exactly the same.

Q: And for fun ask whether Ogier can be friends of the dark 

Q: How are stedding created?
A: Read And Find Out

Q: In the Guide, there's this song from the Ogier... about clear the fields, smooth it low... ... here the towering trees will grow. Is this sung when stedding are created?
A: No.
Q: So, when is it sung?
A: It's sung... uhm, it's just a work song. As it is now. It used to be something more. But now it's just a work song.
Q: What did it used to be?
A: Ah, you'll Read And Find Out [he sid with a big smile at once again being able to answer that. Sometimes you just want to strangle him...]

Reports from signings

On the Ogier origin he answered "Read and Find Out".

The check made by Verin on the Ogier that had his soul consumed by Machin Shin in TGH he commented with "Read and Find Out".

Machin Shin eats the souls _and_ memories of the people it catches.

How Verin could determine the Ogier had no mind inside a stedding: We're going to find out something in the next few books about people without souls and characteristcs of them. (he started out saying that we're going to find out something significant about Verin, then stopped).

Ogier: Were not genetically engineered. (blew Greebs' looney Longing-taint theory away). 

Erith the Ogier was described as Loial's "fiancee." I guess Erith and Loial's mom came to an agreement...

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