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Q: OK. Let's see if this works. Hello, RJ. Just out of curiosity, do your predictions ( Foretellings and Min's Viewings ) have a well, Delphic quality by accident, or by choice ? And did you ever think of writing a copy of The Prophecies of the Dragon ? 
A: There's very little in the books that's by accident--very little. And no, I've never thought of writing out the complete Prophecies of the Dragon. As already stated in a previous book, they would comprise a volume of some 300 to 400 pages. 

Q: Are Mins visions absolute foretellings or probabilities?
A: Her visions are absolute foretellings. The problem is, she doesn't always know what it means. The only changes from that are two visions she's had which indicated the possibility of the future forking, an "either/or." And that's the only time she's ever had anything like that.

Q: All of Min's viewing have come true except one.. does this mean she is no longer infallible?  A: No, it doesn't. And actually, that's not quite true, that all of her viewings have come true but one. 

Q: Mr. Jordan, I have found the prophesies in your books very structured. Would you recomend a prospective author structuring any prophesy in this way? And, did you establish the main prophesies in hte series early on and think to yourself, "Now how am I going to fulfill that one?" 
A: Well, it is a matter of knowing what I wanted to happen in the story, and how I wanted the story to go, and placing prophecies that would fortell these events sometimes in very shadowy ways. As far as structuring prophecies for your own work, I think you should do it however you want to do it; it's the only way you can! 

Q: Mr. Jordan, were either of the Aes Sedai seen at Rhuidean in THE SHADOW RISING Deindre, the Aes Sedai from the beginning of the Breaking? Is Deindre responsible for foretelling the entire Prophecies of the Dragon? Thank you for taking time to respond to our questions this evening. 
A: No, she wasn't, and you're welcome.

Q: Was the Dark Prophecy in THE GREAT HUNT (Now the Great Lord comes...) a real prophecy, or was it a taunt? 
A: Read and find out.

Q: Who was the one who is no more? The innkeeper or the guy on the barrel? 

Q: In the Great Hunt, was Lanfear present to inspire the Dark Prophecy about "Daughter of the Night, she walks again?"
A: Of course she was about...
Q: But was she present in Fal Dara?
A: [after a weighing look deciding not to answer:] Read And Find Out.

Q: The Prophecies of the Dragon are a fairly sized book. Do the prophecies of the Sea Folk, the 'Jendai Prophecy', have a similar size, or is it much smaller? And who or what is or was 'Jendai'?
A: the jendai prophecies are smaller in length but similar in scope to the dragon profs but limited to the sea folk

Q: Howcome that foretelling is only for those who can channel?
A: howcome breathing under water is only for fish? some things follow natural laws and in this universe fortelling is only for people who can channel.

Reports from signings

On the question if it is possible to find out who is "the one who is no longer" RJ answered: "Possibly".

When did Mat Die and Live again? He said something that implied that the Die and Live again prophecy-fulfillment was the lightening incident in TFOH, and not the hanging incident in TSR. I was always sure it was the other way around. To paraphrase the Humblest Man on the Net: Who's this guy to tell me such things? He just wrote the books.

Elaida and her Foretelling: Most Foretellers' Foretellings are very vague and poetic-sounding, making it difficult to tell what, actually, WAS foretold before it actually happens. Elaida, OTOH, has very clear, definite foretellings. She says stuff like "John will die"--not much vagueness about that. (Of course, Elaida often misinterprets it.)

(Jordan noted that Mat's death by lightning and subsequent undoing of his death when Rand balefired Rahvin, fulfills a phrophecy about living, dying, and then living again.)

Some dude asked if perrin's Hawk had appeared yet. The answer: "I thought that was fairly obvious. What is the symbol of Mayene? What is the CROWN of Mayene?" i.e. Berelain, for all of you who actually doubted that.

Berelain is Perrin's hawk (seen in Min's vision). I really don't know how anybody could have failed to make this connection, and Jordan was similarly incredulous when someone asked him. "What is the symbol of the Mayene?" he intoned heavily. "And who wears that symbol on crown, above her brow? Who is descended from Artur Hawkwing? And who is chasing Perrin like a bird of prey?" Those words aren't Jordan's verbatim, but they're close.

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