Thus Spake The Creator

RAFO (or the equivalent)

A brief explanation first:

Q: To clarify a point made earlier, what is the RAFO reference to? 
A: It's an acronym that some people who have been on the net have tossed at me in face to face meetings and I have tossed back at others and RAFO means READ AND FIND OUT.

Q: Does RAFO mean you don't know how it will turn out, or do you want to keep us in suspense? 
A: I want to keep you in suspense. If I give away all of the secrets, sooner or later you guys are going to start saying "Well I know all of this stuff. He's really gotten boring!"

And now the questions.

Q: What went on with Egwene, Mat and Fain in the dungeon of The Great Hunt? 
A: Most of it is fairly obvious, I would think. For the rest, you'll have to read and find out.

Q: Could Aviendha be pregnant...enquiring minds want to know! 
A: Enquiring minds can read and find out. 

Q: Will Moiraine come back from the dead since Lanfear and Asmodean apparently have? 
A: Read and find out -- in fact, I _really_ suggest you read and find out. 

Q: Is Aran'gar really Lanfear? If she is, how did she come back? 
A: Read And Find Out. 

Q: What is Padan Fain's overall role in the Wheel Of Time (besides hating Rand with a passion) 
A: Read and find out ... except you should be able to figure out most of it by now. Think a little bit -- it's all there, really.

Q: Can we expect the introduction of any new, major characters? 
A: Read and Find Out! 

Q: What exactly is Padan Fain? 
A: Read & Find Out. 

Q: Is Moraine really dead? 
A: Read and find...out. 

Q: If Rand's mother isn't Aiel, was she formerly Queen of Andor? 
A: Read and find out!

Q: What is there to Lan's brother Isam, in the waste. . .is he a darkfriend, or more. . . 
A: Read and find out.

Q: What is/was Garen's Wall? Will it play a role? 
A: Garen's Wall is a split between tectonic plates. It is a great cliff that stretches across hundreds of miles. As to whether it plays a part, read and find out! Maybe it do and maybe it don't. 

Q: My question has a few parts When Pe left the Two Rives did he tell people who he was going to see? Did Rands Father come/ Does he know about Rand being The DR? 
A: 1. Read and find out. 2. No, Rand's father did not come. 3. Read and find out!

Q: I was wondering if the Dark One is ever going to be manifested into a single person, and was also wondering where you went to college? 
A: I graduated from The Citadel and, for the rest, read and find out! That is neither to say yes nor nor; just read and find out. 

Comment : Your an amazing author! If only everyone else in the world was like you, then the world might be a better place. 
Q: What can you tell us about Kari al'Thor? Where was she from, etc. 
A: Reply to comment: How true, how true. About Kari al'Thor: you're going to have to read on to find out beyond what's already in the books. 

Q: Cuendillar grows stronger when the One Power is directed into it, but can the One Power be drawn out of it, causing it to break? 
A: Read and find out! :) That's something I may or may not use in a future book, but it's information that I don't want you to have yet. And that's the reason why I say "Read and find out" when I say it. :) 

Q: Will we learn what happened to Jain Charin "Farstrider" after his disapearance? 
A: Possibly. 

Q: What did Rand see in the sky in the alternate world in The Great Hunt? (Shadowspawn don't use sho-wings, and Forsaken don't need them.) 
A: Read and find out. :)

Q: What is going to happen with Elayne, Min, Rand and Avhi in their relationship? Will they all get along? 
A: "Read and find out!" he chuckled richly. ;)

Q: Does using the Oath Rod shorten ones lifespan? 
A: Read and find out. :) You guys have to know by now that I like to leave you hanging if I can! 

A: On the advice of my lawyer, I never admit anything. :) Not even to my wife!

Q: What happens to Birgitte if the Horn of Valere is sounded again? 
A: Read and find out, my children, read and find out. :)

Q: How do you explain the longevity of the Kin? 
A: Read and find out! :) The clues are there. 

Q: On the discussion boards in the SF/F area, one of the hottest topics of debate is the queston of who killed Asmodean. Can you shed any light on the subject? 
A: Yes... but I won't. ;) Read and find out! 

Q: There is a mystery man who helps Rand in the last chapter of ACoS, my Question: Is this a new character, or have we seen him elsewhere. 
A: Well, we've certainly seen him earlier in CROWN OF SWORDS. Otherwise, read and find out. :)

Q: Mr. Jordan, will we find out more about the Snakes and Foxes in future books? 
A: Read and find out! ::stage direction: Phantom of the Opera: Laughter from offtstage 

Q: Will we ever know the specifics of Logain's escape, or rather, are they signficant at all? 
A: Read and find out. Sorry about that! 

Q: We know of high ranking darkfriends among the Aes Sedai and Whitecloaks. Is it safe to assume that there's one placed near each of the ta'veren as well?
A: Gee guys, read and find out! 

Q: One of the Forsaken once said of the current Aes Sedai, "They bind themselves like criminals." Was the Forsaken reffering to the Oath Rod?
A: Read and find out! (He twirls his moustache miniacally.) 

Q: A follow up to the previous Beidomon Question: Is he somewhere in the current age? 
A: Read and find out. 

Q: Are there limits to the Dark One's power besides: inability to reincarnate balefired people, and his imprisonment.
A: Read and find out! Obviously, there are some limits or he simply would have ripped the prison open and done as he wanted to do. With an absolutely powerful character, there is no story, or at least the story goes "it shall be as I will it to be, " he said, and so it was..the end. That's the whole story.

Q: Mr Jordan, please forgive if this is redundant, as I just recently joined the conference. Is Moiraine well and truly dead? or could her and Mierin/Lanfear reappear at some later venue? 
A: Read and find out! 

Q: I know you've said we have enough information to figure it out for ourselves, but, are you ever going to come right out and say who(or what)killed Asmodaen?
A: Read and find out! (sound of villainous laughter in the background--the Phantom of the Opera lives) 

Q: Are we going to see Moiraine again?? Lanfear?? My wife would like to know why none of the main characters have any children. Are there any in their future?? 
A: Read and find out. Most of the main characters are both very young and unmarried. Even some of the older ones are unmarried--so they have no kids but read and find out. We'll see what happens. 

Q: In THE SHADOW RISING, Perrin was chasing Slayer in Tel'Aran'Rhiod. Slayer vanished at the Tower of Ghenjei. Did he enter it, or did he just step out of the Dreamworld?
A: Read and find out.

Q: Do you have any plans for introducing the land of madness into the World of Time series besides its mention in the guide, and if so, can you elaborate a little?
A: Read and find out.

Q: Why did you decide to remove (for the time being, I assume) the character of Moiraine? Was it completely plot-driven, or was it actually a way of reworking her character? 
A: Plot-driven. I know what is supposed to happen with these people, and I'm sorry I can't tell you more. I'll have to say, "Read and find out."

Q: Mr. Jordan: First, congratulations on your new book. I'm absolutely dying to read it, and I'm sure it will be as awesome as the rest. My question regards THE EYE OF THE WORLD: Near the end of the book Rand hears a voice that vibrates his skull with its intensity. Was that the Creator talking to him? I believe the voice even said, "I will take no part..." 
A: Read and find out. Ain't I a stinker?

Q: We know that people who can channel can mask the fact that they can channel. Is it possible for a person to make it appear as if she/he is less powerful than she/he really is? 
A: Read and find out... Later he answered this as yes. - Raina

Q: First of all, I would like to thank you, Mr. Jordan, for doing this. I have been reading (and rereading) the Wheel of Time for some time now. I am amazed by the number and complexity of characters you have created for this world. Now my question is can we assume that most of the characters that we read about in one book and then disappear in the other books will make a comeback at some point? I am thinking about Elyas and Domon, among others. 
A: Some of them will. Read and find out!

Q: It has been alleged that you've said we already have enough information to determine who killed Asmodean. However, this is still a mystery to most of your readers. Will there be more clues, or perhaps an all-out revelation of the answer to this whodunit? 
A: Read and find out...more is coming. Read and find out.

Q: Was the Dark Prophecy in THE GREAT HUNT (Now the Great Lord comes...) a real prophecy, or was it a taunt? 
A: Read and find out.

Q: Hi, Mr. Jordan. I'm rereading the Wheel of Time series over, so I can work myself up for PATH OF DAGGERS. My question: Who is the Daughter of the Nine Moons? 
A: Oh... Oh... Oh! Does the phrase RAFO seem familiar to you at all? Take heart, all will be revealed eventually! Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

Q: What do you think the chances are that perhaps by the end of the series, the Dark Lord will face Rand? Would there be an actual, awesome battle? I just liked to say, Mr. Jordan, you rock. 
A: Well, thank you very much, I try! And as far as the other, read and find out. If I tell you guys everything up front, you're going to say, "Jeez, there's no reason to read the book, we know it already!"

Q: Who offed Asmodean? 
A: Read and find out, guys.

Q: So will the male-female duality be resolved? Or is this a "read and find-out" question?
A: Read and find out. What I consider the major story lines will be resolved. There will be a number of minor story lines that will not be resolved, for the simple reason that there is no point to any real world where everything is resolved. That's always something that has irritated me about some novels--that you reach a point at the end of the book, and everyone's problems have now been solved, and all of the world's problems have been solved. I get the feeling I could put these characters and this world on a shelf and put a bell jar over them and go away. There's nothing left there alive.
That's the way it's going to be. I even intend to set a small hook in the last scene.

Q: Will rand end up with all three girls or just one? =) 
A: Rafo.

Q: is Rand the most powerful channeler alive right now? 

Q: So far all that is known about the final test before becoming Aes Sedai is that it involves channeling under extreme pressure. Would you be willing to give a little more detail? And if not, will we find out more later in the books or perhaps the Guide? 
A: There will be more specific information about testing for Aes Sedai in the books themselves. For that reason, I really don't want to tell you anything here because it might spoil some surprises. At the very least, it might make you get to that point and say "gee, I know this stuff! He's getting boring!" 

Q: Will we being seeing more of the snakes and foxes in the next book? 

Q: Was Ishamael ever REALLY sealed in Shayol Ghul with the DO and the rest of the Forsaken/Chosen? 
A: Would I lie to you? For details, RAFO.

Q: Is Tai'Daishar the foal of Daishar? Could someone bond Bela?...pause....Why? Any chance that Bela will foal during the series? Exactly how old is Bela supposed to be?
A: * RobertJordan laughs *  No...nobody could bond Bela. And for the rest of it, read and find out.

Q: You once said that all the info needed for solving Asmo was there by the end of tFoH. Does this eliminate a Gholam from being a suspect? It's generally believed that a gholam was responsible for the murder of Lord Barthanes in TGH and the two black sisters in TSR, but I don't think it mentions a name. 
A: Read and find out. Read And Find Out.

Q: is it possible to pass a warder or any bond to a non channeler. Or even a latent channeler? 
A: Read And Find Out. I have grown so used to that answer, that when my wife asks me if I want to go out for dinner this evening, I sometimes say "Read and find out." That's usually when she hits me.

Q: What are the actual requirements for being raised to the shawl? 

Q: Who was the one who is no more? The innkeeper or the guy on the barrel? 

Q: Is the innkeeper an ex-Aes Sedai? 

Q: Once and for all end the ageless look thing. Is it obvious that it is tied to the oath rod? 

Q: Who killed Asmodean? (Right. Like he'll tell us). Anyway ask if the clues to figure it out are all included <= TFOH 
A: RAFO. All clues are included up to TFOH. 

Q: And for fun ask whether Ogier can be friends of the dark 

Q: Are the Aiel already a Remnant?

Q: When Birgitte says she remembers a tale of a female Warder after being bonded to Elayne, does she remember herself? 

Q: You might also want to ask him about the sexual preferences of Galina, Bain and Chiad. :-) 

Q: "Have we seen Osan'gar anywhere else since his first appearance?" (No doubt a RAFO) 

Q: Is Dashiva Osan'gar? 

Q: Get him to confirm that Verin is not Black. (not that he will of course; then again, those of us who know, know that she isn't)  
A: Read and find out. Surely you agree with Oscar Wilde about the suspense? I will try to keep you right a tiptoe as long as I can.

Q: Could you please give finally "reveal all" about who killed asmodean at the end of the fifth book of your series? Much speculation has been bandied about, and you have said yourself you have given us enough clues, so could you put said speculation to rest? Thanks for your great series, it's been a really good read so far!
A: No. I will not put the speculation to rest! I'm rather entertained by the speculation, actually.

Q: First off thanks for joining us on the chat. To settle a dispute on our mailing list I would like to know if the gholam works the same way as Mat's medallion? Can it be killed by lightning or any such thing?
A: Read and find out. The principle is the same, but it doesn't work in the same way as Mat's medallion.

Q: Mr. Jordan, I loved your flashbacks to the Age of Legends in Book Four. I'm fascinated by how so many characters regard this Age as an incredible time when Aes Sedai could accomplish anything. Will we learn anything else about the Age of Legends in your upcoming books?
A: As far as what you'll find out about them, read and find out. I myself see the Age of Legends as a time that was vey technological, with a technology based on the one power. And thus, a place where things happened every day that would be considered miraculous to the people of the present time of the books. If you took someone from 500 years ago into the average house in the United States, they would think that what they were seeing had to be the product of magic, and they would believe that our world was an incredible time of wonder. They probably wouldn't see any of the warts that we see. And in the books this has happened in reverse, because the grand time is in the past.

Q: Will Sharina play a more prominent role in WH? How big of a role will she play in books to come? Will we learn more about her, like her past, thoughts, feelings. etc?
A: We'll certainly see her again -- for the rest, read and find out. If I tell you everything that's coming, and everything that isn't coming, you're going to lose interest, aren't you?

Q: Were the 9 Rods of Dominion mentioned in the Eye of The World prologue sa'angreal? Do they or will they play any role in the series? Was the sa'angreal used to heal Mat one of these Rods?
A: Read and find out.

Q: First, thanks for such a wonderful series. Your unsurpassed character development, such an important part of fiction writing, makes this series stand head and shoulders above similar-themed works. My question is about balance. Obviously your world is driven by pattern and balance (male and female, light and dark, etc). Why is it that as many of your major and minor characters find their complement (i.e. significant other), Rand has 3, ehh, girlfriends. Is this simply because he's the "big cheese", or does this obvious imbalance represent the Wheel weaving what is necessary for the final resolution of the story?
A: Read and find out. Sorry about that!

Q: What would happen if the Dark One was victorious? And why can the Dark One act on the world but it seems the Creator cannot?
A: Read and find out. It's a good question, and an important theme -- but read and find out.

Q: For any of the mysteries, i.e. Moridin's identity and Asmodean's death, would you tell us where to look for clues we probably missed? Or just mention some clues that we all probably didn't see?
A: (laughs) Well, Moridin's identity is pretty much an open secret -- and esp if you read WH, I think it's increasingly clear who he is, if there were any doubt. As for the other -- read and find out!

Q: how exactly do Wells work, if a person is in a place where the cannot sense saidar then how do they embrace to channel from the Well? And can you use a well when you are shielded from the Source?
A: Read and find out!

Q: There's a suggestion in the books that Lanfear was believed to be as strong as any female channeler could ever become. What was the reason for that belief?
A: Read and find out!

Q: Has a Gholam ever been in Caemlyn?
A: Read and find out!

Q: Mr. Jordan, When ever a channeler draws on the OP, does he\she become temporarily outside the Wheel's control? I ask this because min's viewings of aes sedai get fuzzy whenever they draw on the Power and in LOC egwene avoids rand's taveren effect by drawing on saidar.
A: Read and find out!

Q: How does Mat's medallion damage the Gholam? Also, what significance to the Seanchan does his spear have?
A: Laughing... Read and Find out. If I tell you you get bored with the new books!

Q: In WH, Lews Therin says "We are not builders, not you, or I, or the other one." Now I know if I ask who the other one is, i know I'll just get a RAFO, but should we be able to figure out who the 'other one' is?
A: You should have some hints. Follow your hunches

Q: What events looked like they had Demandred's hand in them? I refer to the comment about proxies.
A: Read and find out!

Q: What would happen to a gholam suddenly deposited, one way or another, into a stedding?
A: Read and find out. That is a common answer for me, by the way!

Q: Why do you think everyone has a hard time figuring out who killed Asmodean? Graendal killed him.
A: I don't know why people have a hard time figuring that out. To me it seems intuitively obvious even to the most casual observer. The reason I won't tell people though is that I am enjoying watching them squirm entirely too much. It's probably bad for me.

Q: What a kind of numbers militarily do the Seanchan have on this side of the aryth?
I don't want to answer this as it could be a spoiler for those who have not read far enough.

Q: We know Taim isn't who he says, and so does Rand. But wasn't Logain supposed to reveal him as a liar? What happened to that?
Read and find out. Don't you love it, guys?

Q: Where are the Trollocs? I miss them.
A: Read and find out! They're coming.

Q: Will the Choedan Kal be used again during the series, and if so, will other access keys be found? Let me guess ... read and find out?
A: This is my answer: You got that one right, sport!

Q: The Isle of Maddness is mentioned in the coffee table book. Do you have any plans on incorporating it into one of the next books?
A: Read and find out! There are some things I might do that might take place there, but those things could also just as well be done in other places.

Q: Is the Moiraine character going to come back?
A: Read and find out.
Q: Okay, fine, be that way.
A: No, that's all right. It's one of the most frequently asked questions. RAFO (read and find out) is also the one of my most frequently given answer to things. Once Harriet asked me what I wanted for dinner and I told her to read and find out.

Q: This will probably be a RAFO, but I hope you can at least say something, or did you just forget about him? What happened to Sheriam's Warder?
A: Uhm... No, you'll read and find out.

Q: In 'The Shadow Rising,' Lanfear mentioned two sa'angreal stronger than Callandor that a male could use. Is the second one ever going to appear?
A: Read And Find Out. (Of course, but hey, there's no harm in trying anyway...)

Q: In the Great Hunt, was Lanfear present to inspire the Dark Prophecy about "Daughter of the Night, she walks again?"
A: Of course she was about...
Q: But was she present in Fal Dara?
A: [after a weighing look deciding not to answer:] Read And Find Out.

Q: In the Guide, there's this song from the Ogier... about clear the fields, smooth it low... ... here the towering trees will grow. Is this sung when stedding are created?
A: No.
Q: So, when is it sung?
A: It's sung... uhm, it's just a work song. As it is now. It used to be something more. But now it's just a work song.
Q: What did it used to be?
A: Ah, you'll Read And Find Out [he sid with a big smile at once again being able to answer that. Sometimes you just want to strangle him...]

Q: What happened to Loial?
A: Read And Find Out.

Q: why do rand, mat and perrin see colors when they think of each other?
A: the acronym is RAFO - read and find out

Q: (by someone calling himself Vanin) what did Aginor meen in tEotW when pointing towards Mat and saying sth about old history, old friend,old enemy?
A: rafo you horsethief!

Q: Question concerning Winters Heart: What happened to the fem ter'a Choedan Kal, what didn't happen to the male ter'a Choedan Kal?
A: rafo!

Q: Is Edeyn still alive?
A: rafo

You very often answer questions with "Read and find out" -
Yes, yes, and I will say that the answer to the coming question is Read And Find Out. I like that answer. My wife once asked me what I wanted for dinner, and I told her ‘Read And Find Out’. Three days before I had the nerve to go home.
Well the question was: but will you really write down concrete evidence to all the mysteries from your books, or will you just add a last bunch of hints in the next few books and `call it a day`?
Read And Find Out.
Some things will be concrete evidence, some things will be hints and clues. I do not want to tell you what’s coming. If I would tell you everything what’s coming, you’ll start saying: "Oh gee, I knew that. I knew that. Yeah he’s getting awfully boring. I’m gonna go and read Terry Goodkind..."

Q: Are ther any channelers on the Seanchan continent that suffer from an emotional block like Nyneave had
A: Read and find out
( I asked this question to support my theory that the sul'dam have an emotional block, but I forgot that there are probably some damane who suffer from it as well which increased the chance to get a RAFO )

Q: Does the Black Ajah still have the dice they stole, when the first thirteen left the Tower
A: Read and find out
( The only time these dice are mentioned is when Nyneave, Egwene and Elayne are reading the lists of stolen ter'angreal they got from Verin. I first thought that maybe they had something to do with Mat but I couldn't find any evidence for it )

Q: You've said before that the blue flashes during the fight with the Myrddraal in Whitebridge were not from Thom's daggers. What were they from?
Questioner's comment: Wow... I agreed with Ruriha that I really thought we should get an answer to this. Jordan went on to explain that there are three types of ideas that are floating around in his head about the series. Things that he must include, because they are the major turning points for a character, story line, etc; Things he wants to include, because he things they give a little more in depth knowledge about a character, etc; and Things that would be nice to include. Unfortunately he says that the explanation regarding Thom's daggers falls into the last category. But, on the chance that he will get to include it, he doesn't want to give away anything. So hopefully, this means that at some point, we will revisit Whitebridge and find out some more about it, as well as what the flashes were from.

Reports from signings

Some of the "Read-and-find-out-answers" are partly due to that there are things that _might_ happen, not decided yet, in future books. He also saw it as a way to diminish the reader's reading experience due to narrowing his view of the future works.

The check made by Verin on the Ogier that had his soul consumed by Machin Shin in TGH he commented with "Read and Find Out". The question about if any Amyrlin has been non-dramatically deposed he answered with "Read and Find Out". He though said that there were information deep inside the White Tower archives only accessible to the Amyrlin, the Keeper and the sitters, apart from the librarians tending them. The mere notion of knowing the existance that such information existed would be considered a crime for other Aes Sedai. On Moiraine's death-or-not-death he answered "Read and Find out".

On why Aviendha's toh required her to kill Rand, he said basically "Read and Find Out", but he noted that Aviendha is under the strain of several tohs. He also pointed out that her interpretation from Elayne's reaction from her confession to Elayne gives her a way out, but that Elayne does not share that interpretation. [ The show will certainly go on :-) ]

On Dreamers, Dreamwalkers and prophetic dreams he said that the ability to interpret one's dreams, enter T'A'R and meddle with other people's dreams were different Talents. On the amount of ter'angreal enabling entry into T'A'R in the White Tower and if entry into T'A'R could be learnt he answered "Read and Find Out".

On the question if it is possible to find out who is "the one who is no longer" RJ answered: "Possibly".

On the subject if the Oath Rod shortens lifespan or cause infertility he answered, not surprisingly, "Read and Find Out".

Wouldn't say anything about Shara, of course, and Greebs' persistent efforts to get RJ to admit to the OR==Agelessness were met with a chuckle and a RAFO.

I asked him exactly why the pool of untainted saidin was needed at the Eye of the World. He kindof gave me a RAFO. RJ said that he has an idea of what he wants that to have been for, but he's not sure he's going to use it, so he didn't want to give me infomation and then change his mind later.

Next came question time. I was the first one to buy a ticket, the first person to arrive, I was sitting right under his nose so I figured I might as well be the first one to ask a question as well. 
Me: "Is Verin Black Ajah?"
RJ: "C'mon, RAFO!" (Sorry, Isam but I don't think you'll mind me posting...)
I guess he was just setting the mood for the rest of the evening.

My second question was whether or not we would get to see the Battle of Tar Valon or if it would happen "off-screen".  He opened his mouth, hesitated a second and shot me down with a "Read And Find Out".  Bastard.

Then I asked about Elayne's Rod of Pleasure, and got a RAFO with the explicit warning that we might not ever get to the FO part.

Me: What happened with Elayne and that warm ter'angreal?
RJ: (laughs) What do you think happened?
Me: We figured it must be some sort of One Power sex toy.
RJ: (laughing harder) I may write something about that in a later book.
Me: RAFO, right?
RJ: Exactly.

I asked if we would see Isam/Luc again.  "RAFO."

I was able to get a few questions in.  Karl-Johan I got a RAFO about the nature of Fain.  However I think I worded the question differently than we had originally planned.  Damn if I could find the paper I took notes on 
before I went to the signing.

And the silly trivial 'I-just-want-to-know-without-a-doubt-question' which almost got me more than I had planned.
I asked him whether Delana Mosalaine had been raised to the Hall as Sitter before the Tower split or after. Karl -Johan and Jed probably recall our analysis of the Halls a month ago.
I probably pronounced the name wrong because he just looked at me.  I prompted by saying 'Delana, the Gray Sitter who we know is Black.  Siuan's old friend from novicedom.'
RJ started to say something but was trying to find th right words when I foolishly helped him out by saying 'Delana was raised at Salidar'.  He said yes and laughed.  I tried then to follow up with asking him if she was an important aspect of Siuan's pattern in the young Sitters.  RAFO was the response.

One of the regular contributors to the group--I don't recall whom--suggested asking whether Moridin came into existence before or after the 'gars.  That one earned a quick glance and an RAFO.

Will more heroes be bound to the Horn?  RAFO.

Who or what is the Tamyrlin?  RAFO.

(RAFO sometimes means that he intends to reveal it later.  Sometimes it means that an answer is not consequential, but it's logical implications ARE consequential.)

Does the Snakes and Foxes game played in the Two Rivers have anything to do with the 'finn?  RAFO. (My answer: Duh?)

Ok, I got my book signed in Vroman's in Pasadena, CA, today. RJ was extremely friendly, and talked to everyone, laughing and even teasing a bit. One could say he was "jolly".
Anyway, when it was my turn, I asked him two questions. I'll put parts in quotes when they are exactly what was said (or close enough), and I wrote it down so I'd remember.
As he signed my first book, I asked,
"Is Cyndane's power roughly equal to, say... Moiraine?"
He had a surprised look on his face for a moment, then it became amused, and he gave me a RAFO. His face indicated to me that I was absolutely right, but obviously it's not evidence.

*FAQ: Who killed Asmodean?—Should be intuitively obvious to the most casual observer. [yeah, uh huh…] Ok, we know that. But he also said that we should know based on where everyone was, what they were thinking, what they were doing. Duh, right? But he made a point of mentioning where. For people thinking it was a Traveller, would ‘where’ be important? Dunno…
His list of candidates included the Aes Sedai, Nynaeve, Aviendha, Bela, and God knows who else.
And you know why he won’t tell us? Because he likes to see us SQUIRM. He said it in a friendly voice, but you could tell he meant it.  

My questions: (before this point, I couldn’t get a good listening spot without getting out of the line… well, big mass of people. But I don’t think many, if any questions were asked, as it took 2 minutes to get to me-#28)
H: When a soul is reborn, at what point does it enter the body?
RJ: Hmm… *think, think* I’d have to say as a fetus. When the body becomes capable of sustaining life.
H: *stupid grin* Ok. In tEotW, Thom said that the dead can take over a living body. If this happened, what would happen to the original soul?
RJ: *gave me a “haha, nice try you stupid monkey” grin* “Read and find out”
H: YAAAAAAAAAAAARG! DAMN YOU! (ok, not really)

Q4: “I just have one question. In the end, who wins?”
A4: “I do. *grin, snicker, snicker* Read and find out.” [I just found this one amusing]

KuraFire asked about... I don't precisely remember what Kura asked. Oh, but I do. Doing Nogling a favor, he talked about Ishamael's belief that Rand had fought him for time without end, and asked if it was perhaps not Rand's goal to take on the DO, but to only take on the DO's Nae'blis. Jordan gleefully answered "Read And Find Out."

While there I asked another quick question "Are Mat and Perrin Heroes of the Horn reborn?", which got RAFO'd, as I feared. Sorry Witte, I tried.

Q: How are stedding created?
A: Read And Find Out

Q: Does Perrin still have Moiraine's coin?
A: Read And Find Out.

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