Thus Spake the Creator

WoT versus reality

Q: It seems that some of your readers don't think of your novels as fantasy so much as a really fine-grained history of a world that might have existed or might yet exist. Do you perceive your world as real?
A: I think that I have to. Any writer has to try and think of his world as real, because if he thinks of it as a construct, that's going to come across to the readers. It's very much like the question I'm often asked: who is my favorite character. It's whoever I'm writing at the moment. Even someone like Padan Fain or Semirhage. Most people like themselves, and if I don't like the character I'm writing, then it's going to come across to the reader that this character doesn't like himself or herself. My wife says she can tell when I've been writing Padan Fain or somebody like that when I come into the kitchen in the evening. I make myself see this as a real place when I'm working on it. That way it comes through, I hope, that I see more than I write.

Q: Thank you so much Mr. Jordan for writing this series. It has entertained me for a very long time. My question is; If you were to be a member of a group or society represented in your books, which would it be? I think that I would like to be an Ogier because of their simple and peaceful way of life.
A: I don't know that I would particularly like to be a part of any of the societies or organizations or groups that I have described. I suppose if I had to choose, it would be a tossup between being an Ossuman and being a Warder.

Q: If you could choose any one element from your series to bring into the 'real world' what would it be? Use of the One Power? Tel'aran'rhiod? Something else?
A: I don't think that I would bring anything from my world into the real world. They're all very wonderful things, I believe, but taken all in all, they make the world much too interesting for comfort. And the world we live in is awfully darned interesting, and sometimes awfully uncomfortable, as it is.

Q: In fantasy, the epic battle between good and evil is a physical battle. How do you personally cope with experiencing the world of WOT, and having to face the real world? Also, are you like C.S. Lewis in that you can't believe in the world you created, seeing as you made it. Thank You.
A: Well, I suppose I believe in the world I made as much as any writer believes in the world he or she creates -- I can see it, feel it, smell it. But I certainly have no difficulties stepping outside the world in my head into the REAL world.

The most interesting characters I write about are the ones you really don't want to meet. This is like the 'what one thing would you change about the world' that would lead to far too many unforseen consequences. So I'd say "thank you very much, I'm going fishing that day"

If you could be one of the characters from your books, within your own story, who would you like to be most?
[laughs loudly]
I don’t wanna be in this story. This world is entirely too interesting, too much going on. Any sane man wants to live in a place where there’s not a lot going on. Where there’s not a lot going on, and they cam have a peaceful existence, and a long life. Trying to live in the world of my books would be, miserable, and probably short. I don’t know about [..] but, definitely miserable and short.

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