Thus Spake the Creator

Sharina Melloy

Q: Mr. Jordan, I love your books. If a person begins to channel at an old age, eg. Sharina, will she begin to physically look younger when she slows, or will she remain the same and pick up from there?
A: She remains the same. It's not the same as having been stilled or burnt out. She's going to have a very long life, still, just not as a youthful person.

Q: Will Sharina play a more prominent role in WH? How big of a role will she play in books to come? Will we learn more about her, like her past, thoughts, feelings. etc?
A: We'll certainly see her again -- for the rest, read and find out. If I tell you everything that's coming, and everything that isn't coming, you're going to lose interest, aren't you?

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