Thus Spake The Creator


Q: What is there to Lan's brother Isam, in the waste. . .is he a darkfriend, or more. . . 
A: Read and find out.

Q: In THE SHADOW RISING, Perrin was chasing Slayer in Tel'Aran'Rhiod. Slayer vanished at the Tower of Ghenjei. Did he enter it, or did he just step out of the Dreamworld?
A: Read and find out.

Q (by Emma): Did Slayer meet Asmodean before he was killed?
No.. am, no. Not in the books.

Kura: Just one other question. Does Slayer know every Forsaken?
A: Yeah, he does.
Q: Have all the Forsaken of Slayer?
A: Yes, they've heard of him. Slayer is not old in the way they are. Slayer does not come the Age of Legends, Slayer is something much newer. Slayer is also known by all Forsaken...

Q: question: who are the 2 people slayer kills in winter's heart?
A: the two people slayer kills are simply a couple who had the misfortune to rent a room that somebody thought was still occupied by rand and min,.

Reports from signings

Slayer: Can't channel. (blew my looney Moridin theory away). He has certain "gifts" granted to him by the DO, but can't channel either the OP or the TP. Cross Slayer off the list of possible Moridin candidates. (damn, there goes my section of the FAQ :-( 

I asked if we would see Isam/Luc again.  "RAFO."

Well, It was the second time this week I got to get my book signed and talk to the great RJ. The first time was in Leiden and I didn't prepare anything so I asked something lame about what he thought of the cover art. This time I forgot to think it over again so at the last minute I had to come up with something. It turned out quite funny:
Me: ''Did Slayer take Asmodean to Tel'aran'riod before, or after he killed him?''
He and some other people started laughing, he thought a little and answered with a smile:
''What makes you think Asmodean is dead?''
I laughed and he continued:
''Yeah, you screw with my head, I screw with yours...'' (that's actually what he said.)
So Incidentally I made Jordan laugh and swear, but not answer the question.
But hey, I din't get a RAFO.

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