Thus Spake The Creator


Q: I find it interesting that there is no formal theology in the series. Why is this? 
A: This is a world where what might be called the proofs of religion are self-evident all the time. It seemed to me there was no necessity for the trappings of religion which by and large are to reinforce us in our faith and to convince others... if your beliefs are made concrete and manifest around you at any given timethere is not the need for that. 

Q: What religions have influenced your creation of the Creator and the Dark One?
A: Christianity. Islam. Judaism. And bits of heretical writing within those faiths. I hasten to add I'm not endorsing anything. I'm just a writer.I tell stories.

Reports from signings

The lack of organized religion he explained with the fact that "Religion has been proven". Shai'tan, the Forsaken, the OP are known and proven to exist, so there is no need for the big persuasion machines of "real" religion.

He also said he tried to create a world without sexism or organized religion.

Q2. [This one was asking about the lack or churches in Randland. They apparently have religious beliefs and such, so why aren’t they there?]
A2. Churches and other places of worship are for people to connect with and reaffirm the presence of God (or whatever). The people of Randland see signs of their Creator every day through the One Power. If common people today could walk around performing miracles at will, we wouldn’t have as much of a need for that confirmation either.


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