Thus Spake The Creator

Thom Merrilin

Q: Is Thom Elayne and Gawyn's real father? 
A: No. Absolutely no. No question about it. No. No. No. Thom is exactly who he says he is.

Q: If a Fades blade will not produce lighting except against other Thakandar wrought blades, and power-wrought blades, Why do Thom's daggers produce it when he attacks the Fade at Whitebridge?
A: thoms daggers did not produce the effect. It was produced before thom reached the fade.

Q: You've said before that the blue flashes during the fight with the Myrddraal in Whitebridge were not from Thom's daggers. What were they from?
Questioner's comment: Wow... I agreed with Ruriha that I really thought we should get an answer to this. Jordan went on to explain that there are three types of ideas that are floating around in his head about the series. Things that he must include, because they are the major turning points for a character, story line, etc; Things he wants to include, because he things they give a little more in depth knowledge about a character, etc; and Things that would be nice to include. Unfortunately he says that the explanation regarding Thom's daggers falls into the last category. But, on the chance that he will get to include it, he doesn't want to give away anything. So hopefully, this means that at some point, we will revisit Whitebridge and find out some more about it, as well as what the flashes were from.

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