Thus Spake The Creator


Q: Exactly how tall is Rand? 
A: Six foot five to six foot six.

Q: Why is Perrin's horse in LoC called Slayer and not Stepper? 
A: Because it's a different horse. 

Q: Mr Jordan Just curious do you know how many words you've typed into this series, some authours have it in the Epilo? 
A: My answer is not closer than plus-or-minus 100,000 words or so. give or take a million. 

Q: I love the song lyrics in your books. Do you write songs and music other than in the books? 
A: No, not at all I'm afraid. Some poetry to my wife now and then, that's all. 

Q: Is stones based on GO, the Asian game of skill? It is more complex than chess... so it is appropriate if so. And what stones are used (type of stone)? 
A: Stones is based on Go, and the actual stones used can vary. 

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