Thus Spake The Creator

Verin Mathwin

Q: According to several of AOL's members in our discussion forum, you stated at a Balticon conference that Verin Sedai had never held the Oath Rod, or had circumvented the Oaths. I was wondering if that was true, and if so, has Cadsuane also done so? 
A: No, I did *not* say that Verin had never held the Oath Rod. Cadsuane has also held the Oath Rod.

Q: Get him to confirm that Verin is not Black. (not that he will of course; then again, those of us who know, know that she isn't)  
A: Read and find out. Surely you agree with Oscar Wilde about the suspense? I will try to keep you right a tiptoe as long as I can.

Reports from signings

The check made by Verin on the Ogier that had his soul consumed by Machin Shin in TGH he commented with "Read and Find Out".

How Verin could determine the Ogier had no mind inside a stedding: We're going to find out something in the next few books about people without souls and characteristcs of them. (he started out saying that we're going to find out something significant about Verin, then stopped).

Verin: Considerably older than anyone expects. (I presume he was talking about the characters, not the fans, considering that our guesses range up to 3000 years old.) He also said that AOL lifespans are not known in modern Randland. (Thus, I presume that Verin is NOT 300 years old.) He said something about "the effects of the Oath Rod," I don't know whether this was wrt aging, or effects on something totally unrelated.

Verin is older than most Aes Sedai think, but not as old as some fans think she is. Jordan said specifically that she is not from the Age of Legends. Other than that, he was fairly vague, but he implied that she's no older than, say, 300. "There's a reason why Aes Sedai respect a sister with gray hair," he said. Additional note: One fan claimed that, at the convention, Jordan said that Verin had never held the Oath rod. Jordan later denied having said any such thing.

Next came question time. I was the first one to buy a ticket, the first person to arrive, I was sitting right under his nose so I figured I might as well be the first one to ask a question as well. 
Me: "Is Verin Black Ajah?"
RJ: "C'mon, RAFO!" (Sorry, Isam but I don't think you'll mind me posting...)
I guess he was just setting the mood for the rest of the evening.

1.)  Re: Cadsuane's pointed reminiscences about the good ol' days in Far Madding, I asked, "So can we assume..."  and didn't even get to finish the question before he answered...
A: "Cadsuane is from Far Madding."  And followed immediately, with no prompting, with "and Verin is from Far Madding."  *Arched eyebrow* (For some reason, this last elicited a Startled Moment from Harriet.  I was 
determined not to get a RAFO, so I didn't pursue this any further.  Also I was nervous and had more questions.)

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