Thus Spake the Creator

What if he dies before finishing the series?

Q: If you die, will Piers Anthony finish the series? 
A: No. No one will finish the series. The hard disks will be reformatted 4x in successions.

Q: Is the ending written and stored in a safety deposit box somewhere?
A: No. It’s in my head.
Q: What if you die or something?
A: You’re screwed [basically. Heh.]

Q: I'll try this question again: I really hope you have a long and happy life, but have you taken any precautions for the finishing of WOT in case something happens to you?
A: I have not only not taken precoutions to make sure that TWOT is finished by someone else than me, I have made that as difficult as possible. So if you want to see the end of TWOT, you wish that I live a long and healthy life guys!

Reports from signings

I think the only other WoT-related comment I heard was that if RJ dies before this is done, we won't find out about this famous last scene since the hard drives of his computers will be reformatted six times and every scrap of paper in his house having anything to do with tWoT will be burned.  He seems to feel quite strongly about this...

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