The Dragoness Is Here To Stay

What do you know? It's another Female Dragon essay.

Well, not really an essay. It's somewhere in between an essay and an update, so I trust you'll forgive me if I skip the rambling about mythology and biology and get to the point. The point is that research has finally turned up a likely identity for the Female Dragon.

To start with, this is the report that started the searching.

RJ said that, no, it is not possible to have a female dragon. If the wheel needs a female dragon, then it would weave in *insert female dragon name here*. Probably because of the blank faces he was getting he then added, you can find her in the scene where Mat blows the horn...

Shame about the poor memory of the reporter, as if he/she had remembered the name in question we'd have confirmation. However, not too many female Heroes are mentioned, either when Mat blows the horn or in his subsequent flashback of it. Those names are:

Birgitte. If her name was the one Jordan gave, no way would people have forgotten it. Everyone knows who Birgitte is. Furthermore, she is always linked to Gaidal Cain in rebirth, and I would expect a Dragon to be solo. I might be wrong - it's possible, for instance, that LTT is linked to Ilyena, who is also a Hero and didn't turn up at Falme because she was already reborn. But I doubt it. Being Lews Therin's love would probably qualify her for rebirth at this time, but not for being bound to the Horn. Again, I might be wrong. But I think we can rule out Birgitte as the female Dragon.

Calian. Called the Chooser, she rides with and appears to be linked to her brother, Shivan the Hunter. Again, I think we can rule her out. For one, she's linked, and for two, she already has another title.

Amaresu. And here we have something. No evidence that she's one of a pair. What's more, she is apparently named for the Japanese sun goddess Amaterasu, and carries the Sword of the Sun. Lews Therin/Rand also has plenty of sun/light references - Lord of the Morning, Prince of the Dawn, He Who Comes With The Dawn, and so on. And who else do we know with a glowing sword? That's right - Rand al'Thor and the Sword That Cannot Be Touched...

Amaresu, with the Sword of the Sun glowing in her hands.

So there you go.

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