In Defense of the Dreadlords

A rather imaginative piece, describing how a fictional Dreadlord officer, Ahira Kalien (The name chosen for a MUD character who, er, is rather similar to the one shown here :>), captured during a failed raid into the Borderlands - I think for convenience we will place this pre-FoH, but after the Chos*coughcough* Forsaken are free - attempts to win over the various representatives of the Ajahs in the style of an organised debate. His purpose is to prove, in whatever fashion possible, that the Dreadlords (or in most cases, as it turned out, because it's a very nasty point to argue, the Darkfriends and the Shadow as a whole) are, from that Ajah's point of view, indispensible, and an integral part of polite society... the fact that he is also working like stink to save his own sorry head is beside the point. The style of speech is based on a formal British debate, so if it seems unfamiliar to you, bear with me.

White Ajah
Green Ajah
Grey Ajah
Blue Ajah
Yellow Ajah
Red Ajah
Brown Ajah

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