The Dreamer's Game

Questions and paradoxes concerning the World of Dreams.

What happens if someone blind from birth enters Telíaranírhiod? Since appearance there is based largely on self-image, would a blind person appear invisible?

Suppose a dreamwalker happens to be pregnant. When she enters Telíaranírhiod, does her unborn child go with her, since technically itís part of her body? Or, since itís a separate soul, does it remain in the waking world? (This doesnít, of course, apply if said dreamwalker is in Telíaranírhiod physically.) Would how far along the pregnancy is make a difference?

I just included this question in a letter to Jordan, as it happens, so I might get an answer soon.

Similar to the above, if one of a pair of Siamese twins enters Telíaranírhiod is the other automatically dragged along?

According to the Wise Ones, whatever happens to you in the World of Dreams happens to you in reality. If a woman makes love in Telíaranírhiod is it possible for her to become pregnant in reality? And if so, where did the sperm come from? (Hmm, are there any stories of virgin births in the Wheel of Time?) If one or the other partner was in Telíaranírhiod physically, would that make a difference?

Continuing with the above question, would the child be automatically a dreamwalker? Or in the same state as the Heroes of the Horn, unable to survive outside the World of Dreams? Or normal?

What would happen if, at EXACTLY the same moment, two people used need to try and find each other? Would they exchange places? Or both appear at a randomly chosen point in Telíaranírhiod?

Anyone who can suggest plausible answers is welcome to. Send them to me at If anyone out there has any other questions, send them to me, too, and if I canít answer them, Iíll post them here.

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