Elementary Science #2: Schrúdinger's SkimSpace

Welcome to the second Elementary Sciences lesson! Today weíre going to cover the observer effect on quantum mechanics and a practical application of this effect, namely Skimming. If you all have your books and pens ready, then we can proceed.

The observer effect, basically, means that nothing in the universe happens unless it is observed. The necessity for an observer can be taken as evidence for the existence of a Creator, a point which will probably not be discussed in future classes. The observer effect is also the basis for the well-known thought experiment of Schrúdingerís cat, in which a cat is placed inside a sealed box along with a vial of cyanide. If a radioactive atom decays in a given time, the vial will be broken, thus killing the cat. If not, not. Whether the cat lives or dies, Schrúdinger explained, will not be determined until the box is opened and the cat looked upon, and until then it will remain in an indeterminate state of all possible realities, both alive and dead.

Thatís the theory, anyway. One wonders what the cat thought about it.

At any rate, however, this is precisely how Skimming-space works. Just where is it that a channeler passes through when Skimming? A black void, is it not? Which just happens to have Earth-standard atmosphere and gravity. Now why would this be?

Because, of course, thatís what the channeler expects - they have absolutely no conception of airlessness or weightlessness. They donít think about gravity - itís just there. The same applies to air.

Before a gateway is opened, Skimming-space exists as all possible realities at once. It is not until observed that it collapses into one, that being Earth-normal air, gravity and whatever Skimming platform it is that the channeler has envisaged.

In the next Elementary Sciences class weíll discuss the cause of the deterioration of the Ways and a possible method of restoring them through the principle of mind over matter. In the meantime, class is dismissed!

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